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lancel gousset "
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TOPIC: lancel gousset "

lancel gousset " 11 months, 1 week ago #63844

  • vyytgaavmq
Love blood just demon the clan is really too strong, lowest etc, of the red and red double of Tong blood demon, strong matchless, the red bloody demon of a lowest etc., face the attack that 67 boundaries work properly a private, all don't fall in breeze, say nothing of blue Tong and the terror of the gold Tong blood demon nobility!
This makes nearer in the last years, love the conflict war of the blood demon clan and mankind self-discipline more and more the vehemence is dangerous,
lancel gousset, love blood demon the clan don't seem to be before as well so have to refrain from rash action conservative ground tradition,
sac lancel 1876, they revenge type the ground massacre mankind and self-discipline base, in great quantities kill common people, the self-discipline then is many to be accepted to forbid turn to become blood Nu.
The blood Nu is 1 kind is loved a bewitching clan of blood to once bite to once absorb blood, but be not too many to take the person that still own life vitality, just drive blood demon the clan take later on,, the blood quality in the body variation, intelligent disorder, mostly confuse at the magic power and strength of the blood demon,, become enchant ego of slave.
"According to the secret intelligence report of the fire lotus clan, half month ago, I fire lotus clan the dark night elder closed the border egress at a time, and a blue Tong the blood demon nobility of the blue wing met a war,
lancel handbags for sale, this blue Tong blood demon wounded to escape the underground ruins base of returning this blood demon clan.This blue Tong blood the demon is really violent, connect almost get lord the dark night elders in initial stage be all almost been inheritted to kill, however equally also body negative severely wounded, I lead so pupil to assault this small base now, this blue blood demon again is a body negative 《blood deicide book 》 and'red evil ten thousand Tu As'of my opponent!"
The jade is matchless part take fierce sky of wolf depend on lotus they,,
lv handbags wholesale, once rounded to collapse to fall a building, quickly approach the blood long grass flicker of discarding city the center to order, part the absolute being think to float in the sky.
"Ascended a hall to become real expert light fog of Ji to at the right moment visit last time the chain had never returned to take part in in the outside, I acquired the only a qualifications that gets into a fire lotus true gentleman hole mansion!The super strong of ground Class, collect of plentiful really make me sigh for the view, not only at in work properly dint and suddenly and violently increase to fix in order to promote very and quickly, and more have fortuitous chance and opportunity,
sacs lancel, let me receive then this 《blood deicide book 》 and others' state king can completely develop power of red evil ten thousand Tu As, let my real strenght turn over several times!Hum,, the equal Xuan Ba fixs for of, perhaps connect not to descend me now ten recruit!"
"Time that this fire lotus hole mansion again opens widely quickly to see, Ji light fog also visits a chain to return and see she also has many fortuitouses in the outside and fix for deep, more and more see not and deeply,
lv bag outlet,, is the rival of the strongest!I killed this blue blood demon, but his blood Dan can break open me a current capability bottleneck, by that time Ji light fog again how may be my opponent!"
Thought of here, jade matchless tiny side head, mask blood-red color mask of she can not see absentminded color intention, sweep
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