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lancel flirt the whole space seems to be along with the whirlpool to revolve
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TOPIC: lancel flirt the whole space seems to be along with the whirlpool to revolve

lancel flirt the whole space seems to be along with the whirlpool to revolve 11 months, 1 week ago #63837

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Raise one smiling of silk self-confidence, stretch out a hand,,
lancel flirt, fiercely held tight the book in an ash black of bookcase the center,!
The absolute being in the easy breeze knows feeling to know in, in this book have no the slightest of writing contents, obviously have definitely special!
"Don't touch this book!"The voice of little monkey fiercely rings out in the brain of easy breeze!
At this time, the finger tip of easy breeze has already touched the cover of running into this book!

The gray ray of light of a mightiness fiercely gushes from this book, immediately after, the surface of book extends a spiral gray whirlpool and in a twinkling and then gobbles up easy breeze!
The appearance beginning of easy breeze surroundings quickly revolves distortion, the whole space seems to be along with the whirlpool to revolve, numerous rays flow out to appear from the whirlpool and stab person's eyes become numb,!
In the heart of easy breeze suddenly heart palpitates, he has already known what's going on here!
louis vuitton uk, that book in gray is that a space transmission sit a mark!
The ray return dance of surroundings numerous distortions moves, the Shan appears the appearance of numerous complicated blowouts,
lancel umbrella, like bad monster ferocious, his eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly, don't know where oneself will be delivered to!

The area of chapter 122 fire in the sky[this chapter word count:2377 latest renewal time:2011-11-25 03:41:10,
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Is dizzy and giddy, surroundings of ray gradually steady settle down, the easy breeze slowly opens an eye, the orientation is at present all of a sudden of ray, here the one is red, raise eyes four hope, it is an all fresh and red beautiful clouds to cover with, spread the next shimmer like the setting sun.
The sky hazy one,
loui vuitton purses, spread all over big slice of big slice of like flame general cloud, cloud surroundings fog spirit curls up, like the fresh and red signal fire is generally ferocious,
lancel bags.
At the moment easy breeze, stand on a stone on the stage of huge octagon, stone set the body is fresh red, like coral general, have flame unclearly burnable in stone Taichung, the whole surface of stone set engraves to draw a complicated and difficult to understand method and have on the method a hugely and too very the gossip diagram is slowly revolving, along with too very revolving of diagram, the whole stone set sends out lilac ray of light,
The whole stone set signs a crest at a huge pyramid tower,, the easy breeze is signed to stone on the stage, look down myriad living things on the high mountain like the station, under of the scenery to the utmost accept eye bottom.
Under not distance
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