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TOPIC: soon after would be be wrung by the confused and bumping strong current of air ground disappear

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Add fresh clear, at the same time is also make the figure of the Ling of Luo thoroughly submerge tornado.The Rao is also that the old eyesight is high strong, can not see through this tornado to among them.
"Back quickly!"The old looking at that tornado that mixs ups with huge energy just at gradually extension, make longer and almost formed tornado of a celadon.Originally he didn't thought of the function of this tornado, but when he sees those packages in the outside layer, unclear shiny breeze chemical element of, the at heart is abrupt however greatly earthquake, as to it's in time remaining several people drank 1, whole individual woulds be after like move that sort to appear in 100 meters in a sudden outside, and don't stop to move to move,, the dynasty distance rushes.
The body that waits until the old disappears at at present, those breezes work properly a Dou be responded to come over,, without previous arrangement of fly toward the all directions disease but go to.But the appear is empty in the half in of terrible celadon tornado but abrupt however extended 100% enough to spares, immediately work properly seven breezes the Dou drew in to then turn to make blood rain to spray among them,, after just in time sending out one to bellow but.
"Explode!"The Luo Ling whole body full-length gown of body place tornado the center trembles, the handsome and talented face is difficult to express to stretch tight tightly, is him to open a pair of eyes of,,
authentic louis vuitton purses.Neutrally engraves to send out 1 to explode to drink and let at the same time will he those green ray of lights of tornado of body accept but enter suddenly big bright get up.
This tornado suddenly explodes,
gucci handbags on sale, a dust forms of the bank of clouds is blunt sky of but rise, soon after would be be wrung by the confused and bumping strong current of air ground disappear, sees the together deep pit appear central at Lin Hai, along with those wild current of airs for canning see without the aid of instruments gradually extension break scope,, extend to the all directions gradually.
"Bomb …"
The deafening voice kept on not to know how long, be the last stuffy loudly quietly fall to the ground behind.The big slice of dust filled the air surroundings and even covered up the sky,
Sees a diameter almost number inside of the huge circle pit appear in Lin Hai, numerous trees slowly roll to fall on all sides at the this circular deep pit and more have some cards to really in total disorderly touch eyes shocking in the mud.
It is light huge to ring to continue long into Lin Hai Shen gradually.Wang Yu slowly lifts an eyelid, but because all of everythings in the eye are the misty prospectses that takes to emphasize a shadow,
gucci handbags outlet, it makes his wry smile a , that double of eyes that slightly are suffused with dead ash flood exhausted,
louis vuitton designer handbags.
At this time Wang Yu already utterly exhausted, the whole individual covers up in the accumulated snow, peeps out chest and face, having no of facial expression pallor one silk is blood-red color.The lips are also being suffused with metal gray, the breath changes of more add faintly, only afraid is a life at any moment.
"Mama of … I can not die here …" turns over a body to sit hard
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