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alma louis vuitton foolish a long time.The young girl just looking at a window outside
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TOPIC: alma louis vuitton foolish a long time.The young girl just looking at a window outside

alma louis vuitton foolish a long time.The young girl just looking at a window outside 11 months, 1 week ago #53182

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The person of reception.See to the beginning go into the unfamiliar pupil of 3,000 boundaries,, the position is low to can take no cognizance.
Liu Xing Chu comes to here, don't dare to release absolute being to know to probe, just thinking seek an individual to ask he or she should foolish where, here right against the face came out several individuals, saw appearance but is that the pupil and the newcomer in the door is mutually familiar, pull another three,, together arrive to outside run about some kind of, stroll for a while.
Liu Xing comes forward polite ask a way:"A few seniors, I am newly arrived, want to know where I should go."
One person is saying in times before very happy, let Liu Xing interrupt, very is annoy a brain of stared his one eye, the cold voice says:"At will, inside of room many of BE, oneself seeks a little bit more broken-down of go into live then."
Liu Xing Wei Zheng, surprised ask a way:"Why want to seek the broken-down, ask senior to advise,
alma louis vuitton."
That person turns over cold stare and says with smile very trivially:"Should when this year is our Shu door in the sky to come three to choose, our 100 big chain privates wants and certainly needs to live the best, is is not, there is eyesight seeing a point, will be a lot of little troublesome of, ha ha ……"
That several people see Liu Xing's whole body attire, Be from humble family, again solitary one person, which also respect him 1:00, bad beat autumnal winds on him.An among those,
buy louis vuitton bag, already honesty Don't mention it of fall the taste to Liu Xing Yao, is the place of his unreal mirror place there.
Several people together cachinnation,
purse louis vuitton.
Liu Xing seizes suddenly by fear, but doesn't want to ask for these these people, just the side body lets several person's cachinnations but lead,, the in the mind pours is scolded sentence idiocy!
Arrive loft all the way,
gucci sale handbags.The small building is totally divided into 5 F, the 23 F has already had some people to go into, see come is early come right away such kind of wait three to choose of pupil,
authentic louis vuitton bags, but 3 F upward, because year the deep day is long, experience successively not only for several a hundred years, in the beginning go into live and all like the tallest place, so already dilapidated damage get severe, nobody again upward.Liu Xing Tu is quiet,
outlet louis vuitton, raises step to go upstairs, the fourth floor such, empty none person, accumulate a dust to reach half inch, but again upward, accumulating the dust is more thick while arriving the fifth floors of loft, a spoiled by mildew spirit is up in the air to float, stabs person's breath.
Liu Xing pours inattentive, the facing faces window place to walk over there, at this time, for the place of window way in that noodles south, Liu Xing saw a figure, slender high, the whole body is fallen leaning on of Mo the window way dejectedly looking at distance, oneself walked up, unexpectedly suddenly don't smell as well, here, she suddenly raises a hand of ginkgo sort,, on the face lightly on kissing,, wipe have been already become cold of tears.
Liu Xing's in the mind be a move.
283 chapter peach blossom noodles
Liu Xing signs in this green dress young girl after death, foolish a long time.The young girl just looking at a window outside
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