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Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather soared to the skies to brandish a Suo soul
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TOPIC: Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather soared to the skies to brandish a Suo soul

Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather soared to the skies to brandish a Suo soul 11 months, 2 weeks ago #53152

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Rather the real strenght of the sea is very high, whole small month to work properly to fix three days of the strongest to work properly five in the river secret place heavy one of the territories, if the opponent is a Gu only without the shadow again or is like snow, Su rather none of sea worry, after all Su rather sea and fairy article work properly the fighting strength that the machine matches exertion very strong, but face this like the demon generally concealed body person, but Sung loyalty is some worry.
Just that man drive concealed body person moment second scene for killing, Sung loyalty still remembers still lately, he not afraid the other party clearly inside of combat,
Louis Vuitton Nomade Leather, afraid Su rather the sea the gist be made a surprise attack by this concealed body person, if be just like that person is general, that affair matchless mess.
At Su rather the sea is fast- closing to at the same time,
louis vuitton mahina, Wu Ao Tian and Zhao Guo Hais all responded the arrival of the other party, drinking of Wu Ao Tian's low voice way:"The senior waits for a second, the enemy came,, if I make a surprise attack failure, the defense that will inhale you into me right away works properly among the machine, you don't want panic."
Zhao Guo Hai Ning fixs mind absolute being and stands at first and waited for the arrival of the other party, he was also the power that once experienced Wu Ao Tian to suddenly make moves, in the heart is also secretly expecting this time also ability smooth successful.
Su rather sea very quickly from among the forest appear, although everyone can fly,the owners all chose that the low altitude wears a line in the forest, no one flies in the sky, because fly in the sky, that is rather the undoubtedly best target, even if is taking a fairy article to work properly Su of machine sea don't dare as well,
louis vuitton alma mm.
Looking at oneself finds out of the person is unexpectedly the pupil of a day heart temple, Su rather sea face up show unintentionally delight for several cents, Zhao Guo Hai who hurtle to concentrate on smiled to smile chillily, then bright own fairy article work properly a machine.
A soul that works properly a machine,
louis vuitton vernis alma, nameds Suo like the generally thin long steel wire.
The chapter 332 past Ji repeats
The nature of Zhao Guo Hai can feel opposite future of strong, although could not distinguish that like the steel wire and generally work properly a machine exactly is to isn't a fairy article to work properly a machine, because Wu Ao Tian is concealed to a side, more ascend just Wu Ao Tian still once say if make a surprise attack failure, then will make him get into to work properly a machine in,, protect him thoughtful, in the heart but isn't flurried.
Rather the Su sea looking at in front pensively but not flurried man, soared to the skies to brandish a Suo soul,, sneer way:"The person who finally makes me run into a day heart temple,, I also think for a sky, the persons of heart temple all die unique,"
Zhao Guo Hai knows that the others estimated to all take a Lian interest Dan naturally and hide at everywhere of,, he because the real strenght is higher, the Lian interest Dan also has a number, so have never received a Lian interest Dan,
Louis Vuitton Leather Wallets.
"Su rather sea, on the your hand of but does the fairy article work properly a machine?"
Zhao Guo Hai has never taken to manage Su rather sea that takes
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