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TOPIC: and and this dragon egg still has some kindred

http://outletlouisvuittonprice​ and and this dragon egg still has some kindred 11 months, 1 week ago #53137

  • ranfazta22
Is direct of this matter settle come down, but Kelly is Long Zu's war absolute being, and and this dragon egg still has some kindred, so he naturally know of aer little bit more than other people.
Dragon gate predicts Shu,, really is the Shu of a kind of very strong estimate, certainly, the Shu of this estimate not is accurately foresee in the future take place of any affair, all of future affairs is at any time at change, a very small variety then can thoroughly cause future complete variety.
On the meeting,, the clan is long to speak of predicting Wu Ao Tian of body's getting empty in the half be worshiped by myriad people, but still have to don't say at 1:00, that is this life in the dragon egg have been more and more weak, although have already used numerous ways,still can not save, but clan long at toward this dragon egg in of crack-up of the small life displays a Dragon gate estimate Shu, see Wu Ao Tian's figure.
Does this person youth have the way the small life for saving to cure this dragon egg inside?
Ultrasaurus one clan multiplies greatly partition to expect very long, each dragon egg, each Ultrasaurus is Ultrasaurus one clan is the most precious, much less this dragon egg, not just general Long Dan.
Now that Long Zu already there is no way saving this small life in the dragon egg, can not helplessly looking at him to die again,, that also only has end the wager is one wager,, see Wu Ao Tian whether really have way to save he?
After all the Dragon gate estimate can't difficult to expressly appear a mankind's figure in Shu,
discount gucci, but he was it happened that to appear, that can say this person to be been matchless and important existence by Shi Shu Zhe.
Kelly before also just drive tell want to do like this, but not understand why clan long will descend this to decide, until last time meeting after, clan long just will real of the reason told him.
Wu Ao Tian at this time really don't know Long Dan Li's small life have been gradual weak,,
authentic louis vuitton handbags, the gradual alignment dies, he still thinks that what Kelly said is true, what have already stabilized a condition of the injury, as long as once in a while drop up teach Long Yi, then can hatch from eggs this takes care of the young dragon,
cheap lv handbags.
Wu Ao Tian ands,such as 2 people of snow, left Long Gu and went toward heart temple in the sky but go,
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"This dragon egg puts in the outsides all insecurity, still put in eight Huangs to gather to work properly Ding in, anyway want hatched from eggs time when the time comes, we have already taken out again it."
,,Such as snow, looking at the earnest facial expression of Wu Ao Tian and suddenly cannot helps but saying with smile:"Seeing you earnest appearance is like a father who is responsible for ……"
Wu Ao Tian hears,such as snow,
cheap handbags wholesale, laugh at himself/herself, subconscious of freely answer criticism way:"What about you, isn't the mother who is like it?"
Words on exporting, Wu Ao Tian is immediately some
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