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TOPIC: Xiao cloud Feng point nods

http://discountauthenticguccih​ Xiao cloud Feng point nods 11 months, 1 week ago #53131

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Dying can the illusion of Yi.
This appearance is very beautiful,, but makes Wu Ao Tian and Xiao cloud Feng become speechless of but not because the beauty of appearance, but because those three men who sit with the legs crossed.
Because no matter is Wu Ao Tian, still Xiao cloud Feng, all portrait of Zu teacher that once saw found an aery temple, 2 people all recognize at the same time, in these three men most the right side of that is falsely the opening of aery temple temple Zu teacher?
Although spread down in the aery temple of open the portrait of the teacher of temple Zu inside, open the temple Zu teacher whole body stylish full-length gown,
authentic lv bags, the elegance is matchless,
louis vuitton handbags, imitate if fairy, that face also wants mature of many, and the in front is this youth, is look exactly alike.
"Is this it the aery temple that create a temple to believe in a lord?"
Wu Ao Tian deeply absorbed an one breath and pointed at that mural, the side head asked Xiao cloud Feng:"Xiao elder, did I see wrong?"
Xiao cloud Feng swallowed one mouthful saliva, facial expression in be full of shocking, very low answer way:"You didn't see wrong, that was exactly us founding of aery temple, and ……"
Make reference to here, the throat of Xiao cloud Feng move two times, seem to mean to say what but very the difficulties is general, good long time just immediately after kept on saying:"Other two people would be 2 of black month island and purple light hole mansion to found,
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Wu Ao Tian shockedly and suddenly turns head and looking at that mural:"This woman is who, look her to seem is teaching these three Zong Zhu ……three Zong Zhu appear without basis, the real strenght is astonishing, found aery temple,, black month island and purple light hole mansion,, this woman ……is the teacher of their three people?"
The face of Xiao cloud Feng up was full of shocked and hard believe, mumblingly say:"If this is true, pour to also say in the past, other two Zong Zhu not clear, but we the aery temple initiated a temple lord to occasionally relate to some affairs from cradle to the grave,
louis vuitton luggage sets, and it is said that the aery temple temple lord life long didn't marry,, although said to work properly to fix a lot of life long didn't marry also a lot ofly for pursuing the high state, it is said that at the temple lord is in his bedroom but hanged a chemisette portrait ……"
Wu Ao Tian becomes overdo and apprehensive of ask a way:"Elder your meaning BE,
authentic louis vuitton bags, temple lord he the portrait in the bedroom,, may be this woman, is also their portrait of three teachers?"
Xiao cloud Feng point nods,, the finger wears that mural:"Do not know is who draw of mural, painting of is a vivid portrayal, the air of your three Zong Zhu Lian very much, an appearance that concentrates to teach, but looking at the taste of this woman figure in, but the difficult Yan admires of color ……"
Wu Ao Tian cautiously watches, indeed as expected like Xiao cloud Feng say, those 3 people see carry on the back toward the woman
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