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TOPIC: and the at heart is a brain Nu very much

http://authenticguccihandbagss​ and the at heart is a brain Nu very much 11 months, 1 week ago #53117

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The outsider humiliates and harmed national prestige, Wang Cheng, that is five work properly boundary boundary lord very hot fire Wang Cheng, hear that seven princesses want to marry of the person is a boundary lord of son.……To, lord in the house also at seek you, you still quick go to."
Liu Xing's eyebrows is tiny wrinkly, order, big hospital in the facing center walks.
That place is what he most would not like to walk go into, those household superiorses are very perceptive,, there is besides also a rain man Liu,, that Liu's house only has the superior of gold Dan, he obviously showed interest to the beginning beginning, this let Liu Xing very load worry.
Is a disaster to hide however.
Liu Xing Ying's skin of head walks the big palace of going into Liu Jia inside.
Person of palace a lot of, up to 100 placings depend ex- youth in the household just handsome, at the moment all concentrated here, big palace lord sat in seat of honor one to wear clear Huang dress of inner palace manager in temple, `see to is the last Yu for spreading.The side sits in seat of honor Liu Wan Shan, his underneath then in home of several Be located on elder, an is old and unbearable.
Liu Wan Shan just and narrow-mindedly accompanies the adult to talk, to Liu march forward to come don't also care.
The Liu Xing careful station waits main order in the house after person.
Waited a short while, that adult beat a gape very tiredly and finally said:"Liu Jia Zhu, youth's superior said by you hasn't arrived Yao and rather spreads a house to go first other several houses, and several houses didn't walk, now that that lord of Hao house in Liu pretty much thinks greatly of, make him take these 110s small of, together go into a temple.Still need to see see each ability behind in the temple by that time for, so as to decide who entitle to princess Ban to left for boundary Wang Cheng of, are you optimistic about?"Say the station is started.
Liu Wan Shan saw a person to seek for a long time, Liu Hao also had no to be present,,
louis vuitton purses for sale, and the at heart is a brain Nu very much, have to start to say:" Depend on adult meaning,, after ten days, these Liu family together go into an imperial palace."
That vision with suddenly tiny Mi idle eye is immediately sharp,, once swept to sign is 110 people,
louis vuitton purses outlet, say at the underneath:"123 people, Liu Jia Zhu, and that Liu Hao, totally 124 youths are just handsome, that day, make these 124 people go into a temple good."
Liu Wan Shan repeatedly nods and suddenly saw Liu Xing in the crowd of people, tiny tiny one Zheng, the heart says that he when comes in of, have never wanted to make him go into a temple ……this is getting worse,
original louis vuitton handbags.This boy is still in the chain body,
authentic louis vuitton, in addition to whole body strange dint, only suffer beating,
Louis Vuitton Fashion Purses, he enters a temple, can let people joke Liu Jia is unmanned.But at this time already not ability say more again, a side sends to that adult to go out.Is public with in the behind.
Don't see this white very fat adult be just on sweeping, Liu Wan Shan is understand, these youth's lookses have already saved to lie in
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