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Vision momentarily one Ning, suddenly look beyond west, close behind, delude at 2 people of B wood however in,, a ring just like the voice of Hao water sort, from that west bomb to spread!
The woman sneers at 1 and breaks away but rises, just like one sword, tear open vast sky, the Shu momentarily goes and calls a way in:"Walk!"
Stone tablet under, the Du dredges complexion dark, stone tablet has already oscillated long a long time, but still disappeared a window to appear, the effort of this a long time, perhaps and early disturbed Mt. Heaven 3 people!
Then a long time, stone tablet but still the vibration is as before!
The complexion that the Du dredges more and more of dark, at the moment, he has already felt unclearly three jet of gas interests are from that east shout since then!
In times before, he look for stone tablet, is twists about but go, but at the moment, Mt. Heaven 3 people but is a perfectly straight since then, drive that long whip, the speed unexpectedly doesn't is next to a Bodhidharma compass!
After a little while, the Du dredges cold hum 1, present a compass,, then want to abandon stone tablet, escape to leave but go to, at the moment,, Mt. Heaven 3 people has ambiguously of emergence at his view in!
That top makes to also saw obviously the Du dredge, two words don't say, explore a hand to grasp the long whip of you at in the hand, wield under, the long whip is ten thousand ten thousand Zhangs, just like antenna general, roar and shout to jilt the dozen dredges to the Du, wink, this arm is thick thin of long whip, has the Dou head hit to dredge to the Du!
The Du dredges vision motion and lightly drinks 1 and presents sword from the life and death double of the tree fiesta chain in sky and bombs however inherits to go, dead the sword start to curl up the Tao dead spirit in the sky, Ning now one area,, make long whip slightly,
discount new era, continuous but living sword to change into thousand Zhangs,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, take heavy of the source of vitality bomb however hit a long whip to be partial to go out!
Once the long whip be partial to and hit just at stone tablet on, the stone tablet fieriness waves, don't Sun very small amount, its top is suddenly black to brighten to make, sting go into vast sky, the Ning appeared a breeze eye!
"Match!"The Du dredges to see this,, nowise unable to decide, order under, life and death sword one Shan, bang however fusion together, its left half dies black, right half milk white,, uncanny abnormality, but the vehemence is to bomb however soar several, shake up unreal to bomb Long to make ring!
One Shan changes into ten thousand Zhangs and bombs however to that Mt. Heaven 3 people cut!
The Du dredges but is driving a compass,, hand to shake but up, wink and then close to that breeze eye, look askance at to see go, indeed as expected, there is life and death sword forcing to press, that Mt. Heaven the special envoy cannot compare with to make track for a Du to dredge and withdraw long whip, 'Pa'of jilt to beat a while, the Ke flew lance!
The Du dredged to explore to once grasp lance and followed a breeze eyes and accepted a compass,
Lancel Outlet Shop, hoped to Mt, Heaven and up make and said with smile:"Thank!"
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