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louis vuitton wallets for men must polish off a guarding of city head soldier first
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TOPIC: louis vuitton wallets for men must polish off a guarding of city head soldier first

louis vuitton wallets for men must polish off a guarding of city head soldier first 11 months, 1 week ago #53000

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Of is all old man kid who hides into a city inside.Divide equally the news of farm land on spreading into state city, the militiaman of a group of brigadeses starts break out of state the city returned to country to get farm land to go to and defended city the domestic of door anyway advise Zu intimidation, all useless, on the contrary was held the farmer of sharping knife the exasperation to chop down to harm several people, finally state city the aborigine who leave the Su's household and state city, aborigine all have many break out ofs the city go, at ordinary times the battle wears a bully with a coward's heart county of the Su make at this time also feel helpless,
louis vuitton wallets for men, but again not dare advise Su have a wood lower the head to Zhao Yue,
The Su's household personnel, domestic pluseses again to appoint of martial teacher, totally calculate to also have more than 2,000 persons, these force teachers also know this may be to be fraught with grim possibilities, but take person's money, will prevent disaster with others, greatly not beat by that time however surrender be.When the Su set town sends back two son Su the force is killed of news, Su had a wood to faint at that time and a good half-day just came round to come over, wasn't maneuvered by old tears, the whole individual such as old were general for 20 years, a while Kua.Archduke son Su text connector Zhang the Su's household,
louis vuitton online, start planning how to firmly stand by state city, and inflate for the person of household every day, as long as guarding state city, completely can wait until reinforcement, at that time the honor of the Su's household will again glorious, can only cherish this is just his wishful.
After ten days, Zhao Yue's battalion starts striking camp to slowly approach to the state city, set town in Su arrives state city 7810 inside road,, the battalion goes 20 just every day inside road, walk to stop, on the third day finally got to state city outside.
Su becomes state city very small, whole city residents altogether also only 23 myriad people,, the city wall is original Gao however one Zhang five,, these several days are under effort of Su's text, be simply sent hand by him to add Gao some, about have two Zhang height, someone on the city wall head guard,
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The troops set up camp to complete,, the first matter be to the city**advise to decline letter, can only cherish a to connect to shoot 3 to advise to decline letter, all have no some reflection inside the city.At send the person advises to decline to the city head appeal and on the contrary welcomes a burst of arrows rain, seeing the appearance was iron heart be resisting with Zhao Yue,
louis vuitton handbags on sale.
At advise and decline to have no fruit under, soldier in Feng-lin starts offending city, Zhao Yue again does to have audience, the affair of battlefield nowise interferes with, force and Long Jin Kang from week full power processing.
Offend city, must polish off a guarding of city head soldier first, so the first stroke naturally use last bow and arrow hand, line up 100 people each time,, totally three lines of bow and arrows hand, the hand is most anterior to hold the holding of huge shield shield hand, protect bow and arrow to don't need to suffer from the city head injury that shoots to arrows Cu, the four lines of persons appears under the city and leads to come to a burst of arrows rain, can only cherish although the city head has several 1000 people,these people didn't be after training,
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