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louis vuitton sale .
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TOPIC: louis vuitton sale .

louis vuitton sale . 11 months, 2 weeks ago #43230

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louis vuitton sale,
The moxa Nuo carries hot water to on the contrary and very poised and dignifiedly put Chen Jian's in front, the step that sees her professional walking always has some not natural, this makes Chen Jian's in the mind secretly self-reproach, oneself last night whether too crary, moxa Nuo how did that young and delicate floret withstand his to strongly trample upon.
"Yi elder brother Bu, quickly wash face, my breakfast all worked well ……" moxa Nuo smiles to take the towel to Chen Jian.
Suddenly moxa Nuo eyebrows a wrinkly, slightly"Ying"1.
Chen Jian sees a form, the favour nervously says, "moxa Nuo, you how ……"
Moxa Nuo face a red, not from get white his one eye, "do you still say, last night, somebody else is still first time, you made a somebody else like this ……" said that he or she is also ashamed to have already kept on saying.
Chen Jian of"let … down …" is embarrassed a smile.
The moxa Nuo is bashful and infinite, go toward the inside of Chen Jian Shou to the towel on filling, "wash face quickly ……"
"Yi elder brother Bu, eat to order more, will etc. want to walk very far road ……"
Different meeting, the moxa Nuo serves Chen Jian to finish eating breakfast, from already also confused pick severals,
premier flirt lancel, have already sent Chen Jian to go out.
In the black mountain village village, have already come together one big cluster of person,, drag along a house to take all to come to send off.
The woman who sees many black mountain villages and kidses all cry, atmosphere that calls one sad, and then some old men round at nearby, Chen Jian lets his care by himself/herself very of son.
Only the moxa Nuo smiles, an appearance that nowise worries, as if Chen Jian is to travel,,
She fills a pack of dry ration food to the inside of Chen Jian Shou, "Yi elder brother Bu, this is the dry ration food that I personally do, you eat on the road ……"
Chen Jian's in the mind is a burst of touched, once took up in still warm up of dry ration food,
louis vuitton wallets for women,, say, "thanked you, moxa Nuo, I want to prepare to set out, also is going to remit to match with another village ……"
He stretches hand to embrace moxa Nuo into bosom, "I not on the time in home, you want darling and wait I to come back, good?"Finished saying to kiss her for a while.
"H'm ……" moxa Nuo also stretches hand the waist that the Wan wears Chen Jian, lightly location nod.
Chen Jian Yi smiles and see also about, turn round to public say,
louis vuitton handbags,, "militiaman's brigade,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, gather ……"
Militiaman's the member of team listenned to an order and said a few words with close relatives at once and gathered to put together right away.
"Sign just ……"
"Right dress ……"
"See forward ……"
"Stand easy ……"
"Number off ……"
"1 …… 2 …… 3 ……" is long to be expertly reported a number by disciplinal militiaman's the member of team.
"H'm?How without 1?"After Chen Jian is cautiously a little bit pure, eyebrows a wrinkly, " still has who didn't?"
"Report, the tile Er didn't come especially ……" a leader of class of class answers
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