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TOPIC: Chapter 016 is in the big fellow the day finally​/ Chapter 016 is in the big fellow the day finally 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42785

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Of wife, forever and ever never separate.Accompany with forever at his nearby.I!Wish!Idea!"
Bomb Long Long ……the sky seem quilt segment sea and the asseveration of Cao Xian move, a fully ascended the crack that thousand meters grow to be insularly above tearing to pieces to open since the childhood, a way the good omen breathing that didn't belong to this world sprayed from that crack but ……
Chapter 016 is in the big fellow the day finally
Chapter 016 is in the big fellow the day finally
Chen Zhuan says with smile:"The God's way is such, old way I finally didn't control good heart absolute being.Leave~you are two to follow me!"Chen Zhuan smiles to finish saying to the segment sea, again to stand at not the dark cloud of the distance old Zu and purple sun the true person say.
Purple sun true person and dark cloud old Zu what once saw fly to rise thus of landscape, immediately greatly puzzled.But that sky's flying the breathing in the ray of light for spreading down is a such pure and unadulterated.This,, this, what world is this Chen's spreading old-timer to exactly fly what to rise ,, a legendary absolute being boundary????The dark cloud old Zu all a little bit cans not understands brains with true persons of purple sun, after all segment sea they can have no idea to tell this but 2 people's these affairs,
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The ray of light gradually enters, Chen spreads of body involuntarily and upward and afloat get up.
Chen Zhuan drinks:"Still not with I is together????"
Shout in, Chen spreads here in the world, release all strength for the first time, that almost big Luo fixing of gold fairy comes out for a while completely breaking out.
Borrow to lead absolute being light luckily of can control to fly to rise of the person sent forth while flying to rise of strength.Can't spread to other places.Otherwise, only with lend the big Luo gold fairy sends forth of strength motion,
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Dark cloud old Zu and purple sun the true person hear Chen spreads of drink interjection, in the mind again have no other miscellaneous read,,
louis vuitton cheap, can pardon to fly to rise to legendary absolute being boundary, that is innumerable fix true long for day and night of affair, which afraid is a chicken lobster rice similar existence, that can also reduce time in forehead self-discipline aeon,
lv outlet online, person who besides flies to rise up, which isn't according to standard lowest?This is in the standard!Standard under of is an original ecosystem of,, these natures can't be the problem that true purple sun person's two of them consider, they in consideration of of is a person to achieve wisdom, is this just called a chicken dog to rise a sky!
See to fix a true to fly to rise of borrowing and leading the ray of light is only the whole body that covers with to fly to rise, again while flying to rise, thousand meters are thinly and only thick on Chen Zhuan's old-timer the pillar so literally throw down and more have numerous fairies joy the absolute being sound fly to concuss, absentminded the side that seem to be in the fracture has numerous absolute being monster bird in the hover,
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