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TOPIC: and arrive at mostly is all some rich have power of person

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Word cent sky, ground word..."Listen to a leaf any so a say the gold is enough to interrogatively say.
"Ha ha, who say a night come will definitely be a bar, led a meeting you to know."Leaf any smiles an answer.
Night come, although the name that sounds likes bar, actually it is a five-star hotel, night come totally 5 F, each characteristics that all has it to possess singly, seem the 1 F is a dining, the 2 F is a mulberry to take similar, ignore which layer, service in cloud Ling area this one, affirmation is the best.Certainly will also be subjected to here many reach officer's magnate of close Lai.But Jiang Lang's place 3 F, then exclusively provide some porn ministrant.
"Looking at this person's bearer to go toward, the night of magnificent come, peeped out the smiling face of one silk improbity on sub- Long Lian,
"Is small any, you say this night come how much does a day of income have?"Son dragon as if deep in thought of ask a way.
handbag gucci, Probably 781,
Louis Vuitton Fashion Bags,000,000."Leaf any wants to don't think as well and directly says.
"What I said is a pure income."
", 6,000,000 many."
"I hold, so many..Mama of."The gold is enough and shocked of call a way.
"Boon."Leaf any nod."Here every day person's discharge is a lot of, and arrive at mostly is all some rich have power of person, so inside regardless is what all very expensive, but the cost doesn't calculate Gao."
"Mama of, this is absolutely blacker than underworld."The gold is enough to angrily scold 1.
"Know perfectly well a meeting drive black, but these people would like to.How, son dragon, there viewpoint?"Leaf any suddenly sees toward one side son dragon with evil look.
"Hey Hey.."Appear bitchy smiling face on sub- Long Lian, let the leaf of one side any and the gold is enough at the same time a shake confused,
handbags louis vuitton.
"Mama of, son dragon, you make what ghost, isn't medium what Be getting more evil."The dragon that the gold was enough to see son of not normal, the hurried handle knob puts toward the forehead of son dragon.
"Mama of, , billowing roll.Did your his mama just infect by tainted air?"The son dragon was a not great lane carat fine very much enough hand.
"Long Ge, you can't be want to beat this night come of idea?"The facial expression that sees the son Long Man Lian's evil ways, leaf's any a burst of surprise.
"How?Don't go?"The son dragon counter-questions.
",, That arrives be not."Leaf any embarrassedly smiled to smile."But this night come has the share that the jail helps."
Listen to a leaf any so on saying, sub- Long Lian in a twinkling sank down."What?The jail helps of share, didn't this cloud Ling area all not belong to my Dragon gate now?This night come is also the younger brother of my Dragon gate at shine on, also have, not is say a dragon
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