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gucci jolie have to lower the head.Qin Kang hears big brigade person
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TOPIC: gucci jolie have to lower the head.Qin Kang hears big brigade person

gucci jolie have to lower the head.Qin Kang hears big brigade person 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42730

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Of provincial governor class staff, and strike back to hold place military power,
Zhao Hao Yun is an eldest son,
gucci jolie, inheritted the feudal title that father, Wu An, waits, and then leaned against in those early years the father's relation and oneself within dynasty stood in those early years to position, Zhao Kang finally gave him the privy council to make of military power big, one person achieved wisdom, was naturally a chicken dog to rise a sky, originally two just to get along the close younger brother certainly must have the initiative care in the army camp,
louis vuitton handbags authentic, again say two younger brothers at even south negative also fight several small victorious battles, accumulated point achievement, also at last knew a soldier and all in clear and ordered patternly promoted, a become all control(great commander), a become control(general).
River opposite Yong even mansion wharf up, stop the amount of boats and shipses foot depending to have several hundreds of, these 20,000 people's troops, as long as have 200 ferries, can lead river by whole army for a day.Can only cherish to shout to break throat, opposite shore wharf side fishing house the elephant is to don't hear similar,
louis vuitton coin purse,, came to ignore.
Ma He in sky originally has the width of 30 Zhangs, but here at the right moment handing over of Ma He in the sky and Yong river remit place, after Yong river water infused into Ma He in the sky, course of river horse in the sky's water level rises a while much high, also make to hand over the course of river of remitting the place to become more breadth,, come to a 50 Zhangs or so.
The wharf sets up in two handing over of riverses to remit place, although has 50 Zhangs are also 150 meters to be apart from,see clearly on shadow of human figure rock of wharf fishing boat, also hearing the cry of southern shore,is a nobody is willing to come over, Zhao Hao Feng very angries,the ability stare can't, can hate ground to lambaste:"These Diao people unexpectedly dare to take no cognizance the draft of battalion in the dynasty court,
louis vuitton backpack, treated origin to once control river and all chopped down to throw down to feed fish terrapin to go in river.Qin Fu controls and sends some people to follow river to search and anyway wants to seek to a boats and ships."
He governs the next two vice- control,, Qin Kang, one calls Liu Zhi far, these 2 people's pouring is the officer whom the quality goods at reasonable prices accumulates military merit to rise to climb this vice- control of, very despise the little skill of this kind of oneself of Zhao Hao Feng, superior all is been promoted by relatives relation, just now the person is in the under the eaves, have to lower the head.Qin Kang hears big brigade person, Ma Yan He, whom Zhao Hao have to send toward the order in he or she seek a ferry and sought to turn over in the sky to find out tenth, is very shabby have been already abandonned of fishing boat, unwillingly can ferry 23 people, but can arrive opposite shore Be about to see luck.
Seeing come still have to the ship of opposite shore to ferry,
handbag louis vuitton, Zhao Hao Feng issues order a way:"Go, send several individuals in the past,, took over opposite fishing boats to all come over, the one who have to dare defiance, shoot on sight,
louis vuitton handbags for sale!"
Under order, a few soldiers shake to break the ship drives to go to the river opposite shore, this a few soldiers are also really unlucky,
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