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lv handbags outlet " 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42181

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There are a lot of affairs that have to be complement each other."
Zhu Xi Gong's hand way:"At under there is an unreasonable demand,
lv handbags outlet, don't know that two adults can mutually tell?"
Yang Kun asks a way:"Adult has words to please to say, if can mutually tell necessarily don't decline."
Zhu Xi Dao:"Want to invite two adults for at under detailed solve for a while a life time principle of curing of the Wang Ye, is use what method manage Feng-lin tidy?"
Yang Kun and beam can Ming to saw for a while, way:"My house's Wang Ye cures the way of a life time greatly to manage before disobeying, what to carry out is four heavy, the private and agriculture, work and company lays equal stress on, front dynasty in the past light company,
authentic louis vuitton bags, Wang Ye formally establishes company's department and row go into six inside."
Zhu Xi entreaty way:"Please know well a solution."
Yang Kun says with smile:"Adult slightly Anne isn't dry, this matter at under temporarily is also to can not remember clearly Chu, also not understand, anyway adult also not is to walk for 1, 2 days, have plenty of time to observe,
cheap louis vuitton purses, we come first to discuss expensive my both parties today how with each other the affair of city mutual communication."
Zhu Xi helpless way:"Thank two adults to point out, in the days to come still please give advice or comments."
Beam can Ming way:"Adult that is for the country the loyal, , your country is to think with Feng-lin the city is with each other overall or part?"
Zhu Xi Dao:"This nature is an overall business city with each other,
buy louis vuitton handbags,, as long as is various goods that Feng-lin produces,
gucci handbags uk, the my country all has a demand,, and the goods that my country produces also the ability is at expensive three mansion saleses,"
"That good, another problem is to endow with a problem concerning the tax, I three mansion goods while exporting,, collect a tax according to goods value, but don't know luck after going into your country, follow the road toll-gate deny to again accept to pay tax dues......"
Two in region started business up of negotiation, Zhu Xi's hasing a half with the regiment and 200 people is a businessman and also joined a negotiation, but each big company of city in Feng-lin the agency company's regiment smell breeze more but move, in succession participate in among them, want to divide one cup thick soup, both parties carried on an endless but hard saliva war, time the in a flash passed by half for several months......

Three beg for to teach[this chapter word number:3017 latest renewal time:2006-12-27 14:59:16.0]
Today again more one chapter....Click+collect+recommend=the power of the clear heart,
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