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TOPIC: see toward the maple text.​/ see toward the maple text. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42160

  • bagyfbsj07
Wear in fine threads the contact , under support of the martial dint or Dou spirit, can stop over air, certainly is also have a relation with others' strength.(Add bottom, the front didn't narrate in detail.)
The bureau that kill necessarily in the avoiding of the maple Chen insurance insurance after, the huge explosion voice is also to spread, the terrible energy motion Hao concusses ripple, repeatedly the energy diaphragm motion in a twinkling would is to rush toward to spread out, the No, 3 quality king person quickly retreats, but also is to have no ability holdout, a group of cluster of be like break line kite general, fall thick and fast to go out, even have a few generation with weak real strenght, explode at three saint the energies that the superior tees off in the sky under, more in momentary, was torn to pieces body by the energy motion, leaves to terrifiedly roar voice to resound at maple clan sky.
A group of human face roads of No. 3 quality king fear of color,, the terrible energy hasn't spread out, in exquisite motion still just a group of person's eyeses, look up at the sky, three shadow of human figures square off, the terrible breathing sends forth to open, Wang San knows, this already no longer is that they can can resist, a pair of doubles eyes have unwilling, color take to fear, see toward the maple text.
The maple text hasn't enjoyed in retrospect to come over now and kill in the making track for of maple Chen under,
louis vuitton handbags for sale, the maple text has already smelt a silk die breathing, if isn't a purple dress the old to sign a horse to make moves, the maple text doesn't know if oneself can also have opportunity to stand in the granite ground.
And just of energy explosion,
louis vuitton online shop, cause maple text the moment is stagnant, see now maple Chen's stepping to fly a sword Ling Be signed to in the sky,, the maple literary talent feels, is like together cold water to be sprinkled, in the felling heart the ice is cold, have the felling of lucky survivor, the maple text can feel the heart of his/her own violent flutter and shiver the body of interest not be like be free from a control, independently sway, is also that Wang San Yan is quick, quickly comes forward to hand a maple text,, the maple literary talent doesn't have a bottom Be done to a ground,
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Have to deeply be afraid of to the maple Chen in the maple text heart, have never thoughted of that the maple Chen unexpectedly arrived like this situation, five strange bright in he know at least is also arrived to open a dollar peak, but the purple dress the old is also a saint sky two weigh the superior in sky, the maple Chen incredibly can once avoid 2 people to necessarily kill one shot, that maple Chen has already exactly arrived what state,
"Saint superior in the sky?"Maple text felling oneself's mind be clenched, 1 kind not and well prepares feeling to surge forward in the at heart,, maple Chen but courageous mainland of rob a hand, if the maple Chen is this time escape from death,
gucci handbags outlet online,, that oneself can have no luck in later life.
"The that time waits to use trump card!"Maple text heart in flurried, maple Chen
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