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louis vuitton mahina Yan ghost but say with smile
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TOPIC: louis vuitton mahina Yan ghost but say with smile

louis vuitton mahina Yan ghost but say with smile 11 months, 2 weeks ago #42131

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Beard wall she is still strong, her existence are 1 kind to urge on to you and pressure.You also saw, she had no a moment to eliminate to stop, this is fixing of a kind of fanaticism to do status, and you have to also go to move and make oneself continuously strong."
The south madder is to fix to do madman, 100 bird blunt is also fix to do madman, 2 fix to do madman to walk at together, each other results in to the other party pressure, although this is a good matter,have at 1:00 is also destine, that is the later years, will be very luckily bitter.
Take back vision from the body of south madder, 100 birds are blunt to say:"Ghost Ye, I have already sent into seed a ghost chain world,
louis vuitton mahina, I let the Wei orchid turn over the whole ghost farmland,
louis vuitton online, let hair Chiu sow seeds a ghost valley and let Luo's tower dig water well, I also make use of by myself at in develop half piece for a little times stopping over new ghost farmland, and will printed the ghost tree, ghost fruit seed senting in to plant to sow in a new ghost farmland with the ghost food before in." He says again all of a sudden:"My a problem doesn't get its solution, so of cultivate, would I not° until when harvest ghost valley and ghost fruit?"
The Yan ghost says:"Ghost chain world in grow a ghost food,, that is that once January accept, your ghost the people take a meal, is also January an enter.You remember, although the ghost people is all ghost,also need to support the energy of oneself,
louis vuitton online outlet, the spirit of death of ghost chain inside in the world can force to make them support the existence of oneself,
outlet gucci, but can not become strong in the peacetime, then having to take a meal can become strong, after training, so as to become the ghost soldier's warrior,
best gucci."
The ghost people who lately recruits into a ghost chain world is a hungry ghost, a weak ghost, even if is a Wei orchid thus of was the ghost of nature and man territory martial in the sky while was living no exception.No matter is who,, even if is the strong of territory in the sky like that in a dollar Ba sky is accepted into world, his ghost and another ghost of ghost chain to have no differentiation,, all hungry ghost, all very weak, then needing to be taken a meal can become strong.
This is in fact also a basic rule of ghost chain world, many ghosts are equal.
"If January on accepting, this isn't the problem, I think ghost chain world is similar to the world of outside,, a year an accept, so, do I still worry to take too long time to train a ghost soldier."100 birds are blunt to breath a sigh of relief, words like this, after his plan can sooner carry out, but need not wait until for a year that he worries.
Yan ghost but say with smile:"Boy, if you think to train ghost the soldier is a so easily simple affair that is getting more gravely mistaken, the weather of ghost chain world is bad,,
authentic gucci handbags, you can harvest a ghost food to still say uncertain, moreover, even if is to harvest, that yield is also little to be pitiful.That time you
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