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TOPIC: crawl in the ground​m/ crawl in the ground 11 months, 3 weeks ago #42126

  • vamphnbu62
The problem of Tan D but let the Moses sink into to contemplate in the middle, at the beginning he is a Luo three reach of the deluxe pastor , among the ordinary mortal, should have original views to the dawn, but he still kept feeling fan Mang and turned but throw in limitless faith of.But his orison, is limitless hasn't been responding to, down to date.So always, he always has some fans Mangs to own faith, the Kang Si Tan D asked such a question now, he still really not answer,!So he sank in to contemplate.
"Intelligence life of so is an intelligence life, because they know a thinking, the dawn is to get rid of dark first often sunlight.This coming to a decision a dawn to get rid of dark characteristic, but get rid of darkly doesn't represent to exterminate blackness, is later on a dark night in the daytime,, have no the abyss of time of bright, also have no lasting blackness, dawn he represents bright and dark of the boundary of , his part is limitless bright, another part is an eternal blackness, so where is the dawn expressed?Express in the heart of intelligence life."The Moses that the Kang Si Tan D looking at to contemplate continues way:"The intelligence life that will consider, they will to own future creation hope,,, this hope is a dawn."
Time passed by for a long time, be the first in the second day often the dawn appear of time, the Moses suddenly lifted him always low calm and steady head, firmly looking at to face the dawn stands of the Kang Si Tan D, crawl in the ground, way:"My lord is all-powerful, your servant understood!"
Yes, this Kang Si Tan D is a limitless, he arrives at here be see this Moses if the saint who really can become him take the heavy burden that his church develops.In fact, the Moses didn't make him disappoint, he understood the meaning taken by limitless absolute being job,, although is that the dawn is a ,believes in the days to come, he will become the limitless and best ground in,
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See Mosaic thus, is limitless also no longer cover up his/her own divine power.In the morning,
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