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louis vuitton coin purse but also need assistant for holding firmly time.
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TOPIC: louis vuitton coin purse but also need assistant for holding firmly time.

louis vuitton coin purse but also need assistant for holding firmly time. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #26543

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The batch quantity makes the difference in a hundred years to change Mian heart grass.Experiment again to get the method of the Mian heart grass of thousand years.If the vitality didn't strengthen, need not the wave take a lot of time and change with the difference that this way cultivates a hundred years Mian heart grass.
Pleased BE, after 2 people experiment,
louis vuitton coin purse, a hundred years difference changes Mian heart grass, indeed as expected the vitality is very strong,, though have no exactitude of cultivate of method, the difference changes Mian heart grass again lead three day, just wither away no longer growth.400 years of difference changes Mian heart grass, let them be encouraged very much.
2 people at try a difference to become after the Mian heart grass vitality be strengthened, start tallying up gain and loss, start the difference that the batch quantity cultivates a hundred years changing Mian heart grass,
Because no matter is the Mian heart that cultivates a hundred years grass, still cultivate the difference in a hundred years to change Mian heart grass, all need a great deal of Mian heart grass, herb medicine that produces this kind of to cherish needs several ten stubs and even ascends 100 stubs, so as to succeed one stub.Therefore 2 people need a great deal of Mian heart grass.2 people even if is very capable,
louis vuitton handbags on sale, but also need assistant for holding firmly time.
Wang Yi then drives small and blue and small and green come to help.Two dry skeletons although the thinking is very alternative,the thinking all does accordingly as for affair that order.Transport of live to account, still difficult don't live two dry skeletons.
So,, 2 people hot fire dynasty the beginning in sky refine Mian heart the grass for thousand years.
Cultivate a hundred years' difference change Mian heart grass, but want to want to cultivate Mian heart for thousand years grass, that is more of Be getting more difficult.2 people manily planted a Mi method, all can't.Got in touch with before of was all herb medicine that those several years livinged, or livinged for several decades of herb medicine, exceeded the herb medicine in last a hundred years, with 2 people's qualifications, basically the contact didn't arrive.
Luckily Wang Yi can pass in and out more deluxe secret room in the library room and got many profound Mi books,
lv handbags wholesale, chose 2 people needs of,
handbags louis vuitton, 2 people study together.Even Wang Yi gives hole Xuan way the person send ascend one precious medicine wine of altar 300 years, acquired his approval, allowed him to take a the book of origin Mi to return to green pasture fairy park to study every day.
Thus the temple,such as frost, also learned many secrets,, 2 people lifted point to add each other, mutual inquire into, gradual of the age of Mian heart grass is more and more high, cultivated 800 years of Mian heart grass.
However 2 people after all the level is limited, and time also too late.Say that the artificial cultivates for thousand years again, Mian heart grass, also have never heard,
louis vuitton scarves.Thousand years of herb medicine, all in the whole world of rarely seen of the matter is in the whole world of difference number.If people literally can cultivate for thousand years of herb medicine,
gucci sale handbags.So thousand year is the herb medicine still worth money?How can be become priceless treasure again?
2 people have already cultivated more than 30 stubs 800 year, Mian heart grass, but once wanting to want to continue to cultivate, will be withered
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