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cheap hats "If you are to don't work properly your meeting of breeze how do
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TOPIC: cheap hats "If you are to don't work properly your meeting of breeze how do

cheap hats "If you are to don't work properly your meeting of breeze how do 11 months, 3 weeks ago #12766

  • yrejzvzc91
Before decade have an individual call don't work properly breeze,,
cheap hats."
Liu Yi ordered to nod a way:"Once listen to."
Feel return to order to nod a way:"That your knowing don't work properly breeze why will die,
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Liu Yi tooks a look to feel return not to know why he wants to ask he this:"I ain't very clearly either to hear because of a women."
Feel return to order to nod a way:"Yes don't work properly breeze from cradle to the grave as well just as well whole evil work with own favour can he should not fall in love with the daughter of door lord in the absolute being door,"
Feel return suddenly stop talking and change direction Liu Yi Dao to the head:"If you are to don't work properly your meeting of breeze how do?"
Liu Yi is felt return fierce an ask careless don't know how to answer the way of Shan Shan:"This ……this master ain't him."
Feel return suddenly and very seriously say:"If you if he you how to do."
Liu Yi looking at to feel return a serious face to contemplate a short moment way:"I think ……I will kill light all persons who keep me from loving,"Is an although words isn't long but pretty much determine and allow of no the felling of the denial for person.
Feel return to shake to shake head a light tone way:"Amitabha!The Yuan Nie Yuan Nie have never thought the hatred of three a life times such of heavy than didn't work properly breeze to still want Chi!"
Liu Yi doesn't know to feel return why say so but also hard put openings to ask,
Feel return to stop for a while a way:"The old Na has the last unreasonable demand to invite benefactor to promise."
Liu Yi Mang's way:"The master pleases say as long as Liu Yi cans make definitely to promise,
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Feel return to order to nod a way:"We this time don't lead probably be also having no opportunity to meet I want to invite benefactor's decade Buddhism and old Na afterwards a see be the Xu say that the vicissitudes of life in next the past days sees benefactor after decade to have variety,
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Liu Yi nods a way:"Please trust Liu Yi only a sometimes come to visit a master,"
Feel return to smile to order to nod suddenly now Liu Yi neck up hang jade in one quickly dark red peeped out a bit of but still can see is dark red of ……
Feel return to stop a smiling face way:"Benefactor can lend the old monk one view the ruby that your body up take."
Liu Yi knows oneself body up hangs neck for that ruby top in addition to in addition also have no other what jade.The favour of Liu Yi Gan is taken down the ruby of neck to pass to feel return,
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Once connected a ruby to feel return to hard observe but observe along while just shook to shake head could not say the left hand that the words come to ignoramus and take out the ruby in one a piece of color to even up carve also similar but two pieces of jade carvingses of exactly the opposite feel return to put two pieces of jades together want to observe top exactly
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