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Username Password: Remember me the energy is from my run off and remit own power and form to strongly work properly fire.
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TOPIC: the energy is from my run off and remit own power and form to strongly work properly fire.

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, Make the power of working properly the fire promote.Yuan blessing want to do now of be can control fire jade to provide more some this kind of energies.If can go, that oneself works properly fiery effect and then can raise ground fire even higher degree.Words like that, the own Dan drugs quality can definitely raise a step.
The well-trained maintenance catches fire power, the Yuan blessing knows main absolute being to all put at know the fire jade in the sea in.The fire jade knows sea in the Yuan blessing in very silent,, quietly foolish at Yuan blessing the soul that haven't coagulated into entry-level dollar absolute being in, continuously let out energy,sale hats, moisten soul and**.The absolute being of the Yuan blessing knew to around catch fire jade to turn several turns, also nothing important reaction.The speed of the energy run off is still not not tightly slow, however Yuan blessing the path that discovered energy run off, most sophisticated in the fire jade, the energy is from my run off and remit own power and form to strongly work properly fire.
The Yuan blessing studied along while and wanted to know to guide this silk energy with the absolute being, but had no effect.Know to surround fire jade with the absolute being, tightly the package lives fire jade, also arrestment not the run off of energy.The fire jade seemed to take no cognizance the existence that the absolute being knows, everythings all did one's owned way.The Yuan blessing knows to fasten fire jade with the absolute being again and wants to pull to get angry jade.
Absolute being's knowing is getting stripe of spirit strength, this kind of strength from soul conductor of, fix one of the super strengths that the fairy discriminates between ordinary mortal.Absolute being's knowing main function is the power in the in command of body, and combine to release magic trick and form strong fighting strength with power.But the absolute being knows oneself is also a kind of strength.Alone of the absolute being know to also release magic trick,Nike NFL Jerseys, porterage product, just that the request known to the absolute being is a little bit high.The fixing of high level fairy list is known with the absolute being can with that the shot kill low class of fix a fairy.The Yuan blessing absolute being of now knows strength to let out a body to also transport several hundred catties of heavy things, fixing the fairy in common use magic trick porterage method is mainly known by absolute being to release.
But the absolute being knows of the strength basically can not pull fire jade,,new era style hats.Fire jade seem borns a root in soul similar, the absolute being knows of the strength connect to let the qualificationses that fire jade vibrates for a while all have no, that the exterior can't explore to know, that only way was to get into fire jade to have a look,
While at the beginning getting into to do to annoy a period, the Yuan blessing once did as well thus of try.However the absolute being knew at that time of the strength is still small, the reaction wasn't sharp either,, oneself also had no the experience and way of fiesta chain method machine, so fail.While getting into to do to annoy 4 F,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys,, oneself learned the fiesta chain method machine, but at that time on wishing study to make pill, also unexpectedly studied this fire jade.Until now, the Yuan blessing is more and more curious to fire jade.Can say that oneself can have today all because of it, inhibit not to live any further own good
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