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TOPIC: cheap6293

cheap6293 11 months, 1 week ago #108214

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Universal they do not hide her charges: "said the third floor balcony into a total of two uninvited guests, and finally a little girl ran out crying also!"
"Hey? Yes, the" golden wild goose up can not help but wonder,isabel marant shoes, "weaving Yunlou Yeah No one seems to know me, how could someone to tell you?"
"Ha ha ha!" Fees Universal suddenly laughed, "you are sudden, a big thing to, do not also expect to deceive the public? You are less dignified wife of general government, someone has seen you? Entered the lobby, on the recognized by others out of it! "
Gold wild goose Pie Piezui not speak, suddenly could not help but re-told: "you should never tell your mother ah! If she misunderstood!"
"That's what you talk about in the end?"
"Uh - that's nothing," wild goose to escape his golden eyes, "he said Yuwen Linghe seemed to say, he likes me!"
"So, he is to declare to you?"
Kim nodded wild goose thinking: "like it! He talk about the past too confused, actually ever do some of the secular rules of propriety and identity gap problem, intends to alienate - me!"
Fee Universal thought, "That he now regret?"
"I think so! He said he found a lot of love for me, the heart does not belong to ourselves!"
Fee Universal "laugh" smile, "then how to say, by his own. But beauty is no guarantee that he is not greedy you want to close Hozawa? Uh - I mean, on most people's eyes, the longer you can! "
He looked at the exposed mouth faint smile, angry gold wild goose breast with a V, but I do not know what to say.
Fee Universal added: "He used to be afraid of you as noble, not to make outrageous things, even if he have the courage to take that responsibility home to marry you,isabel marant sneakers, but you an eldest daughter, he married you after ordinary citizen to have a good day before? different now, you have married a man,isabel marant wedge sneakers, so he dared to flirt in you, anyway,isabel marant shoes, he no longer responsible for you? "
"Do not know what you're talking!" Pie Piezui golden wild goose, "but listen to him, if he is to avoid the past to provoke me, it deliberately showing a weak timid look, and now he looks it seems that the past is very different from it? ah, so to say, then, Yuwen Ling perhaps because he did not want to accept me, but I did not dare refuse straightforward, it has been posturing in front of me, so I am disgusted because He abandoned him - such a long time leak ah, this person really is a patient too! "

Volume 6

1 uninvited guest

"Hey! Business was good!" Fees Universal entered the door Yunkai silk line, loudly yell. Dispensers rushed out to greet: "yo! The son, to see your handsome, imposing, certainly the rich that is expensive! Do not know which government in the adult son ah?"
See fee Universal did not speak, and smile apologetically said: "That is the son of Zhang members away from home? Either Li Yuanwai home son? Then you must master Zhao's son at home " dispensers almost Chang'an Road scheduled to be on the city The rich have had a number of times, fees Universal has been a smile, without a word. Go look at the shelves before the silk comes from.
Dispensers to see him on his back from the dead, but also helpless, but they lost only a smile graciously greeting: "hey, these are good on silk,isabel marant sneakers sale, silk line ah we sell only the finest stuff ! son,isabel marant sneakers, you are selected for the wife do? "
Universal hands off one end of the cost of silk to toss aside, "Oh? You see that I have a wife, man?"
Dispensers for his rudeness and finally some help, and become embarrassed smile, di tan breath: "The son of a talented, has as distinguished, four concubines three wives is not excessive,isabel marant shoes, ah, how can it is not his wife? uh, you see these silk, good color and smooth,isabel marant dicker boots, worn some very beautiful and very comfortable, not afraid to tell you the blunt words, you is searched Chang'an City, we can not find a shop than silk the better! If you are not satisfied, there still is far from the south to send over the specialty, and Suzhou embroidery"
Universal turn up the volume charge is another toss, then dumped several consecutive volumes. Some worry that some dispensers also annoyed, and he strained while finishing with those who have been messed up silk, while the face of charges under the Universal board, said: "I said the son, you are not to buy silk, right? You come to make trouble it? I tell you, I can not fear you! this is the foot of the Son of Heaven, there is no justice in! Whether your home is a high-ranking officials or Fugu, are breaking the law with the public to crime! Prince and the people with the crime of breaking the law, know? hey, where I said I was not offended you ah? look unfamiliar, but the son of a very, ah, we seem to have never met? "
Universal intends to charge as hard on him like, he was just finishing a good roll of silk and messed up. Treasurer of the angry, denounced him to a few tilted Huzai Gang,isabel marant wedge sneakers, Yuwen Ling suddenly came out from within the Church. Looked up and saw the charge Universal, can not help blurting out Charan's call: "The fee the third son?" Having yet to regret it, first a low, but want to escape but was shunned, had stepped forward and put a smile greeting: "Today what the wind is blowing,isabel marant shoes, even the fee to the third son of blowing up? really fortunate! how to choose fabrics you?"
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