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TOPIC: cheap923

cheap923 11 months, 1 week ago #108193

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Jiang Yu Tang cold hammer a bit,isabel marant dicker boots, "You guys, what can be in vain."
Tang blinked his eyes a little tired, "Life, what is most important, the word - fun! Like fun, can not see anything so serious, he would have in vain spirit, a large The technology of a nation, a country on it, is to have a rogue tradition, this"
"OK, OK, no more edges, and quickly go to sleep, I am really tired." Jiang Yu said the cold, holding the body of Tang.
"No, ah, I have a lot of things to do today." Tang feebly shook his head.
"Have become so tired, you sleep lying on it honestly, do not you turn the earth really is not accomplished."
Tang thought, too,isabel marant sneakers sale, did not I Tang,isabel marant sneakers, not the Earth that does not turn ah, so he nodded and said: "Well, today I really Tang Master to a king from the audience was not."
Then he put Jiang Yu cold rub in his arms, close your eyes, mouth to swallow saliva, earnest to sleep again. Jiang Yu Han raised his head,isabel marant dicker boots, looked like Tang to sleep straight in the heart funny, "weekdays, so powerful, Hui Fang Qiu,isabel marant sneakers sale, how Shuiqi feel, the hairs like a child?"
However, Jiang Yu cold just laugh in their hearts, and did not say it, she did not want to wake him to sleep. A little while, Tang will fall asleep, then after a while, Jiang Yu cold they also fell asleep. Soon after, Tang became a Siyangbacha characters to sleep. The Jiang Yu Han is still a hand hook in Tang's neck, his head cushioned hand pillow in Tang's shoulders. Her body curled slightly against the Tang to the body.
Both of them have maintained this position until more than three in the afternoon. Wake up, they almost hear his stomach at the same time issued a protest, then immediately rushed to the restaurant to go.
Wolf aside, Tang said: "I see you busy at home almost out sick, and just to the company to work it."
"Work?" Jiang Yu Han raised his head, looked at the Tang, "You want me to do?"
"What for? Of course, is to do your line of work, to do legal adviser ah."
"Legal adviser the most boring, or give you a dry Assistant them." Jiang Yu Han said.
Tang little embarrassed smile, said: "do the assistant's that this post is really popular, how the doors are so good you do the job ah?"
Tang finished, just think of the cold Jiang Yu Tang Hui Ye, assistant has always been natural. This time, her heart would suddenly feel a bit lost, but she did not want too small for their own gas, he smiled and waved and said: "I told you a joke, wait on you this day freak, can be I have not done a thing. "
"That's how to counsel? That play skills, it does not wait on me, experience legal issues, I have to see you face it." Tang sort of person,isabel marant wedge sneakers, a woman Dodo eyebrows, you know what she was thinking Lord, how may not know Jiang Yu cold at this time thinking about, so he continued to warm and inviting.
"Grass is also this right?" Jiang Yu cold some hesitation, asked.
"What, you normally are not often play together?" Tang said.
"That was the past, but now "
Jiang Yu Tang cold, then let the wind froze for a moment and then, he laughed, "I said how do you then have a guilty conscience, you do not say that not any one knows, when you're as good as the past. We play together, work together,isabel marant boots, not very okay? "
Jiang Yu Han also shy shy astringent, but this time face to face, said, "Do not let others know what, do the things you told me to do this, you feel ashamed?"
Tang Tut a little, "I am not afraid of you embarrassed Well, if you are willing, I'll give my hair television announcement, broadcast nothing all day tomorrow. On the broadcast students with Jiang Yu Tang cold uncooked rice has been boiled mature students rice, and into it? "
"To you, not serious." Jiang Yu Han laughed again,isabel marant sneakers, and then she asked, "What do you have Yunjie with the grass they have no "
"Of course not,isabel marant wedge sneakers, they have not seduce me." Tang said the joke.
Who knows Jiang Yu cold and angry about this up, "Well, you say that I am slightly more than they are frivolous."
Tang sigh, "Oh, you do not so sensitive. Look at the fate of this kind of thing, you worry, just by chance, I let them both with you sooner or later in line."
"Oh -" This is even more under Jiang Yu grabbed the handle of the cold, "You dead satyr, now is not immediately want to start with them "
"Ah -" Tang This is really nothing to say next, he raised his hand, looked up, stand up, "Jiang Yu Han students, I was completely beat you, I go to work."
Then he turned on the plan Jiaodimayou immediately bugger.
"Stop!" At this time, Jiang Yu cold drink in the skill soon light, Tang would have to honestly stop.
"I go."
"Why you go?"
"Nonsense, not my counsel,isabel marant shoes, tube you, you will know what to do ghost things ah commit crimes."
Tang reluctantly nodded, "Well, Miss Jiang Da instead of the party and the people you supervise me good."
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