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TOPIC: cheap5117

cheap5117 11 months ago #108149

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"white unicorn? white unicorn is my father, no, brothers Murong Mansion for our system, one person, that I have been buried with Xiaoyun,isabel marant sneakers, and did not expect Yuqi on your side. "see the white unicorn, Murong Francis Chin have thought of Xiaoyun, think of the Murong Villa.
"Yu Han, I am sorry, I can not give you a white unicorn."
"I understand, for Xiaoyun, white unicorn that makes more sense, should accompany her." Chu Yuhan know Emotion Murong Francis Chin is a person,isabel marant dicker boots, she did not want to force their loved one to forget the past.
"Thank you." Murong Francis Chin Chu Yuhan also grateful for their understanding.
"On capacity sister, hope you do not mind if I call you, because I do not know they have not qualified to tell you this, but I really appreciate you, respect you, even if I did not Murong Yuqi like you." Chu Yu Phoenix psyche like this woman, and thought, if not their own, and that Murong Yuqi and she is a good pair.
"Do not thank me, I did not you say so good, you do not mind if Yuqi,isabel marant wedge sneakers, I definitely would not let the."
"On capacity sister, white unicorn returned to you, you have to have my side, you say you will wait, will miss, will be blessed, then you leave white unicorn, because it is left to you Murong Yuqi, it accompany you. "Chu Yufeng white unicorn will be re-submitted to the Du Yuerong hands.
"Well, I accept, thank you. Yu Feng, promise me one thing, can it?" Du Yuerong only hold a white unicorn, such as holding their own happiness.
"Well, you say, I will do it."
"Good Yuqi, Yuqi more love, more love Yuqi, even my share of love,isabel marant wedge sneakers, and you must be happy, well-being than anyone else, with all of you to tell your happiness is the right choice,isabel marant sneakers, so that the prevent your people speechless. "
"You did not come in until I can not determine whether I like him, or how much they like him, but I assure you that we will be happy to leave the Central Plains." Chu Yufeng clutching a Du Yuerong both love the same man's woman a big hug.
"Murong brother, where you feel at ease so Yuqi, I married the day he was at this time, waiting for you to go outside Murong Villa, that time many people will not notice you until Yuqi, and you immediately leave the Central Plains, do not come back. "Du Yuerong last three one forget, though sad but still let it go, pull off the left of their line of sight
"Brother!" Murong Murong Yuqi Villa finally came out from, like, like rebirth after the robbery, clutching the Murong Francis Chin.
"Fourth Brother, you are out, did not found it?"
"No, all immersed in the two outside marriage, no one found me gone, but fortunately a third brother, and monthly volume of help, otherwise I can not get out."
"We owe them this life are not clear." For helped their friends, Murong Francis Chin voice gratitude.
"I know, brother, I owe especially on capacity, and would like to also have not played." Murong Yuqi speak not help but shed a tear, but also see Chu Yufeng, but now they are more concerned with helping them of those who are good.
"Now is not sad,isabel marant wedge sneakers, we should hurry out of here, stay a moment here is dangerous, we left it." Chu Yuhan, then awoke everyone, everyone should recover quickly leave the Central Plains.
"Yes, we should hurry to leave, go." Murong Francis Chin night riding left a pedestrian near the Murong Hill, left the Central Plains martial arts.
Murong Francis Chin, a pedestrian left, they have several people within three years from the relations within the gate,isabel marant shoes, but from the Gobi to the rapids, from deserts to grasslands, from mountains to plains, from south to north, from east to west, traveled the addition to the Central Plains outside place them all over the chivalric not leave your name, just to help ordinary people, not something involving human arena or arena, so they addition of "outside four riding" in the world.

Erection troubles

"South nice, Zhenre Nao, the first few months with us is completely different to Sichuan, sister, brother in law we are right more than he will stay." Chu Yufeng everything on the south was very curious, may be left too long, too long .
"Do you like it we will stay for some time, anyway, we would have is cosmopolitan." Murong Francis Chin on this kind of life they have been accustomed to,isabel marant sneakers, and very like the life.
"Sister, brother, how the front, as if something, a lot of people get together, we also have a look." Chu Yufeng years of chivalric heard the voice of this tragic habit to go to see how is it to see if help.
"Yu Feng, Do not stir up trouble,isabel marant sneakers sale, all calm and not to be identified." Chu Yuhan told Chu Yufeng or to a few words, lest he stir up trouble.
They went into the crowd only to find a child only five-year-old lying on the floor, a man is like his father did in beating her with a small Rhizome, the little girl constantly shouting "Father, for mercy to the group,isabel marant dicker boots," but the man that not ignore, next to the crowd to persuade many people could not stand are useless.
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