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TOPIC: cheap36

cheap36 11 months, 1 week ago #108129

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Water Jingjing see mom in apron, Cook are busy in the past to help put the basin. Zecai her side, watching the door, hoping the night tonight Yan Ming may never occur, if the mother was hit, she would be finished.

"Jingjing, Cook put you up, go to the supermarket selling vinegar."

"Oh, I see."

Jingjing water washed their hands, do not bother to change shoes, slippers and ran out suck. She turned around at the door did not see the figure Ming Yan night,isabel marant wedge sneakers, this went to the supermarket.

Now the true dark early, but now only 8 points, the street lights have lit up the night sky of stars sparkling, looks really like a little baby's eyes, beautiful people feel bad.

After buying her vinegar, on the way home, suddenly saw a familiar figure on the streets for two. San-ho silver? ! There and he pulled the girl, is it not that pretty face at sister school do?

"Ho,isabel marant sneakers sale, you do not go, you're in front of Xiao promised her, you say you will forgive me, why would not you with me?" Han apricot face tears, clinging to the San-ho silver clothes do not let go.

The Bank of San-ho!

Water Jingjing vowed never seen her like this San-ho silver!

His lips white as a sheet, eyes as cold as ice and indifferent years. Chill night fell on his eyes, his eyes covered in a layer of ice! Ice, the waves crest, he seems to suffer great pain,isabel marant boots, faint blue veins on his forehead to take out his hand into a fist, while the white phalanx because of too much force.

"Do not mention the name of Xiao!" Word by word as if ice had grown up in, people shivering cold,isabel marant sneakers, cold night sky at this time all together as if in his whole body, his body surrounded by thin slender.

"Why not mention? You think does not mention her name, you do not remember her suicide note in the case? Why so long you can not forget her? She is dead, dead for three years, and why you can not forget She? Why? "

Han Xing San-ho silver red hysterically shouting, crying face makeup has also been spent, pedestrians have to look to the side, but was taken in the expression of cold-ho Silver St., and no one dared to stay.

?Chapter 74: Mystery Girl (7)

Chapter 74: Mystery Girl (7)

"I said she was not allowed to mention!!! You do not understand it? Nalan apricot, I tell you, I hate you! Even without Xiao, I too hate you!!! You hear? You this damn woman! You do not deserve mention Xiao name, you do not deserve! "

"I do not deserve? Why am I not worthy? You kill Xiao people, not me, why do I deserve?"

San Hao Silver's face suddenly became pale, the body has some slightly staggered, as if he pulled out all the effort, like a cold glass of pale baby face. Jingjing fists tightly holding water, tears falling down the face, she looked at him nervously, afraid he would accidentally fell.

"Yes, I killed herI killed her "

"Ho,isabel marant sneakers, forget her? I would like her to you, I really love you!" Han apricot to tightly hold onto his waist.

San Hao Silver stood stiff,isabel marant shoes, as if blown look good far away, empty and confused, roadside leaves have fallen to the Indus, fell on his shoulders, his lips.

She looked up and found him slightly, deep eyes tightly shut, slender eyelashes shining bright, blurred instant they go. Him, and he cry? Water Jingjing Meng's heart burst!

She rubbed his eyes, the heart is an expression of pain-ho silver holy tear of pain, she sobbed gently, though she did not know what happened, but she could feel the silver Xiao Sheng Hao of the girl that called deep feelings. There Han apricot, this girl, she did not think her feelings for Silver St. ho even so deep.

Suddenly, Silver St. ho back to God, one will open the apricot Han, Han apricot staggering, fell to the ground.

"I said, even if no Xiao,isabel marant dicker boots, I would not like you! Xiao even if I promised I would not like you this wicked woman! Nalan Xing, Xiao did you think you do not know what I ? I tell you,isabel marant boots, I never like you!!! "

"Is a woman, right? You do not accept me simply because that little girl,isabel marant shoes, right? Like that and Xiao girls?" Han suddenly vicious apricot tearful eyes up.

"I warn you! Do not look for her! You'd better not do anything for her, otherwise, this time I will never let you!" Silver San Hao squat body, her eyes looked coldly said finished, and went straight gone.

"Silver St. ho! I tell you, you will regret it! I will make you regret it! Silver St. ho!! Ho " Han apricot toward the back crying that cold, but, holy ho silver never look back.

Passers-by all around him, wiped away tears with the water Jingjing sobs. She could hear them,isabel marant sneakers, they finally said that girl is her. Silver is listening to Xiao Mei Sheng Hao child to look for the words that the girls do? Afraid that the girl hurt her? There, he was so cold and lonely because he likes the girls have been dead yet?
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