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TOPIC: cheap3918

cheap3918 11 months, 1 week ago #108110

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"You must know how to do it, and you have the antidote?"

Twenty-five chapters Yu Yun-Hong consumption

"What drugs? That is the thing?" The first time I heard of this drug, in the end what is poison?
"Murong general,isabel marant sneakers sale, is burning in Miss Murong poisonous flowers, poisonous weeds by a rare and refined into a burning flower, the burning of flower only grows cool in the blazing volcanoes and icebergs cold junction. This woman has spent only Qidu,isabel marant dicker boots, for men only minor injuries, burn care called flower. "
"You must know how to do it, and you have the antidote?"
"Antidote. There are ways to understand, but. Murong probably never again have a pregnant lady has. For a woman, this." Fierce king hesitated,isabel marant boots, for a woman, if not even a mother's rights have been denied, This is too cruel.
"As long as you can save condensate children, Murong Yong talk about life after the king is fierce!" He is only a belief in the face soon fall from the sky, I Yu Hong consumption, there is nothing to keep my life important.
"There's life in September!"
. "You get up, Miss Murong poisoning but also because the king, the king will save her, and, to save the lady, the king also need your help!"
After Wang Meng told proficient in medical knowledge of the September, cover my already damaged heart vessel. Extracting non-stop in September, to a large number of pharmaceutical filling my body strong.
Meng Wang and his burning flower extract to help me, and nights of drug to the bath, I sat delivery for decades infuriating. The body of the venom to be spilled daily smooth body.
Only three men to Murong condensate children, put down the dignity of all men, in the ward I care not Xianzang. Ten days and nights of their care, poison my body gradually less and less, and finally even the last point has also been ranked the poison out.
His life saved, they finally tired of playing with a strong spirit are not the last point, dizzy in my sleep around.
Morning, the sun shining in the blazing white or not I am still a little bit of color face, my eyes were rolling in raw so. Frowning, I woke up.
Strong smell Smell a house, watching a roomful of men sleeping in the past,isabel marant boots, I was shocked. Head no memory of these many people ah. These people in my room why ah.
"Fierce king." My hand is still no effort.
"Fierce king." I blocked his nose.
. "Well,. Well! Murong Miss, you're awake!"
"Meng Wang, ask what happened?"
"You poisoned. Still feel where the sick? Body feel okay?"
"Poisoned? Very nice to me ah!" The memory of that day walking only when cold ah.
"Great! Your poison finally have a solution! Murong General, September, wake up!"
He took his tired eyes, watching my regained. Collapse of the body straightened, and does not move to my side, mouth is Zhang Zhang, and no sound to.
Anti to be around September, with his two silent look like, the mouth can not be happy together, rushed over, careful observation of my way, You Shen shot to help me feel the pulse.
"Miss, where also feel uncomfortable it?"
"I'm fine." I smiled and answered.
"The king gave orders to prepare dishes go." Another side of the men spoke.
"Well." I turned my head, smiling at him.
In this way, September sitting to my left, the right sat Meng Wang, together around the table while eating. Him. I was sitting farthest away from the place, from start to finish did not speak to me say a word.
"Miss Murong, you try this."
"Miss, you like to eat this. Eat."
"Well. Ah! I loaded up the bowl are not live, and you not to take their food to the children of the condensate,isabel marant dicker boots, okay? I only have a small stomach, ah!" My brow, mouth pouted up another wrinkle .
"Oh, good, good, good."
"Oh,isabel marant shoes, Miss,isabel marant dicker boots, September obeyed!"
"Meng Wang, September Thank you for saving our family lady! September Thank you!"
"Do not mention it, September brother!"
Laughter, compared with his cold, he and I is that the world may be separated.
"Murong general, how do you say ah,isabel marant sneakers sale, is the king prepared dishes does not taste it?"
"No, no."
"Murong general, your sister well,isabel marant sneakers, you sit over our drinks to celebrate the next."
"No, not, little brother is no longer drink, brother no thanks." His head, face indentation clothes.
Murong general, Mo Lianxian your child pour it?
Or see me with another man, angry it?
"Murong Miss, what are you going next?"
"In the future? First inn to earn money for the journey, then go to other cities!"
"You're a man?" Fierce king glanced at the bow does not he, "You're a very dangerous man! Besides, you forgot to place a few days ago so dangerous it?"

Twenty-six chapters we go home.

"What a dangerous thing?" September to ask questions of.
"You were sent pomegranate country, in the shower when the lady Miss fans dizzy. I was just passing through here,isabel marant sneakers sale, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous. Murong Miss, you offend people?"
"No." I shook my head, and who is to it.
I left to talk about his brother, also not open to get rid of Murong home.
"This is strange?" Fierce king suddenly looked wistful sadness of me. "It seems you can not stay up here."
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