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cheap6805 11 months, 1 week ago #108089

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"Ming Ke, Ming Ke "
Murong would anxiously call me,isabel marant sneakers sale, and gently brushed the tears on my face. However, I am emotional crest, actually could not help but be near at hand he held,isabel marant wedge sneakers, like holding a can vent the pillow, crying
Niceif time could turn the clock back
If I did not leave because of pique Chang nice
If, if nothing has happened,isabel marant wedge sneakers, I was twenty-first century, or that female university students unhappy day, nice
Even if he is to face the face that men like a nightmare, I am willing, it will not try to run away
As night fell, sesame oil lamp wick in the slightly swaying.
Staring at the window frames have been waiting for ages, chest hungry belly has already posted back, but do not want to open Jiaoren. Positive stand lying, recall all the place these days, a kind of warp of the sense of loss.
When the door was pushed open, given long and boring squish.
Wang Menkou I subconsciously turned around, just see Murong will proudly entered. School of his bright face soft, I feel stay.
He came over and sat down slowly on to the edge of the bed,isabel marant sneakers, "better? The afternoon you can look really scary." His voice said softly.
I sit up in under his arm up.
I slowly nodded: "You say, if I had not left the palace, often reminding Murong Yao ear, perhaps he would not come to such an end of it."
"It can not." He said so.
Think you will meet
"At that time the army already a mess, Murong he would never kill someone else to kill him, do not forget, he's the sole heir to Uncle Chong for some ambitious man is a threat not know." See I worried that he will voice a turn, easy laughs: "Do not try those unhappy to see,isabel marant dicker boots, tell me how you came to xiangling, why in among the looters?"
I snappily to hammer on his shoulder in a circle.
"I have not asked you what you asked me to come before you and we separated for six months is how the matter?"
However, he failed to answer me, only faint smile at me, look a bit complicated.
I know why to push him, quietly asked: "how not to speak?"
He laughed a strange, lazy one hand propped the bed. I can not help but sigh silent mind, he was just a few days smaller than Murong Sheng, however, is vastly different character of the two brothers, it is incredible.
"As you can seen what baby girl so bold, I have seen a woman, if the rash which dare wayward, long been out of the boom, not to mention you Shangqie young, is it that no discipline was brought home, will you spoiled temper? "
He says.
I was silent.
After him say I'd think of it, when the snake's painstaking to my tune "repented" It seems not unreasonable,isabel marant wedge sneakers, they think of themselves as being Yaochong say a word to make small, more is suddenly . Alas, in this male age, in addition to a woman really stuck, but life is not a little personality on it?
"Ming KeI praise you the unique personality pleasing, or the wild that you temper it?" I stupidly, he suddenly said.
"What?" I looked at him puzzled. This kid's mouth is more and more harsh, and that the curse did not say where, but also openly satirical look behind.
He sighed, Lianqu a cynical smile.
"That Japan would like to go directly to Zhongshan, but hurried retreat, dragging on the road for a few days before arrived at Jinyang, YAN Jun stationed just heard this, they went with the soft and brother-tert-convergence. I did not expect YAN Jun is downtown strife,isabel marant wedge sneakers, could not think will meet you. "
His gentle smile, great sense of my cordial and warm. Then the door appeared a slender Wu shadow - a maid stood holding the door food drive respectful salute.
He actually know
Murong be lightly glanced at her, said: "put aside the food will withdraw strike."
Should be the sound girl whispered, bend back out.
My eyes lit up, rejoicing together. This will not look Murong it very thin with little thought, I took him happy drip fed to the dishes, and saw a bowl of rice is actually the eggs,isabel marant shoes, I can not help but inhale.
Days, I just ecstatic, how long I have eaten these extravagant things?
I will not speak in the House Yao can not be arbitrary,isabel marant dicker boots, the very period of follow YAN Jun Yung Yao Tuomu only slightly eaten several times a blessing, and then take the goods with the same security,isabel marant dicker boots, but fieldwork is not a water chestnut cake, now at first glance to them, I just moved to tears.
"You know how I like to eat these? I had a dizzy hungry."
His expression flat blissful silence, looked at me quietly devour, and later with my rambling for a while, until shi moment before leaving early.
Army reorganization in xiangling rest day after, and immediately evacuated to the Fu Pi and embarrassed the state.
I do not like and state.
Since that tragic night witnessed the Shura hell, they virtually created a state of conflict and psychological. All this is due to both Murong Yong Fu Pi route to Hebei to the cause.
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