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TOPIC: at the Chu's song body surface Lei a way blood scar.

http://cheapcuccihandbgas.webs​.com/ at the Chu's song body surface Lei a way blood scar. 11 months, 1 week ago #108058

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Song already stands in no fear of to fear to into environment coldly,, so Chu's song just decides on the spot and gives up to go to strong soul bead.
The strong soul bead is projected go to of for an instant, ten full with white hairs poured prison in the prison of sting to tie up to round Chu's song, at the Chu's song body surface Lei a way blood scar.
Thinks similarly with Chu's song, face ten full with white the hair pour a sting,, the tying up of rounds and bit soul Jue and the heart of ice absolute being to lose vitality and had no independence to release the strength salvage Chu's song and allowed a tough and resilient more the Lei is more tight.
Pour an of sting in ten full with white hairs deeply when the Qian enter Chu's song body a hugely blow up the voice spreads in the cold pond bottom, the huge ripple ripples in the cold pond bottom, the whole pond bottom connect take greater half side ten thousand years cold cave all because the strong soul bead compresses of the soul dint explode to open and violently shiver,
Cucci Outlet, a deeply disappears the fracture of bottom to maneuver interleave.
That strongly tore to pieces dint to abruptly pull to break Fu to tie Chu's song and elf, pond water that wildly flows out roared to push to go out from the cold pond Chu's song and the elf and heavily hit cold pond.
The elf of"~" Chu's song and variety half big devil appearance hands flounder, want to be steady to live body, what then cold pond water pounds at dint too strong, Chu's song and elf don't resist at all of dint,,
vintage gucci handbags, seeing will hit into strong and tough ice hole of cold cave of ten thousand years upper level,
ebay louis vuitton handbags, suffer from severely wounded.
"Hum~" key time,
Lancel bags store, Chu once the song intention move and recruited fat soul monster snow pig, mat at oneself and elf is before the body.
"Mao" of a ,, Chu's song and elf hit into snow pig ruthlessly the ice hole upper level ice is inside the noodles, because have snow pig to be meat mat,, Chu's song and elf body are subjected to some slight wounds.
But when the fat snow pig of meat mat is painful four and the fatty leg is one Deng, the small eye is a , gradually changed into unreal.
After"burst~" snow pig severely wounded disappears, Chu's song is subjected to soul dint anti- bite, spewed out an one mouthful of blood, the chest feels a burst of bulge painful.
However living a sky by thus small price break out of, Chu's song feels very satisfied,, the big devil changed by elf takes, the crest wears the without restraint wild strength in the air,
premier flirt lancel, to ten thousand years cold cave into fly.
"Yi~that isn't that that is black stomach ice snake king!"When the big devil takes Chu's song to outside fly toward the ten thousand years cold cave to, by a happy chance see the strong soul bead of quilt set off soul dint and lift to turn over in the ground and be subjected to severely wounded of black stomach ice snake king.
Chu's song didn't thought of black stomach ice snake the king is thus unlucky, was subjected to the spread that the strong soul bead sets off soul dint,
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