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lancel united states what to see is to have already tidied up a clean bed drive and table chair
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TOPIC: lancel united states what to see is to have already tidied up a clean bed drive and table chair

lancel united states what to see is to have already tidied up a clean bed drive and table chair 11 months, 1 week ago #108048

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Last officer Bo is regarded as in the new pupil small have prestige, more many but, cold track:"Everyone together toward the ozone hair Zhang breeze, should be able to force it sends back."
"Good idea, for the sake of aftertime's meal, up!"
Many pupils together and together face to an ozone station to settle, a word row opens, regardless fix for the capability that highly and lowly all starts to carry 12 F and sends out a way or strong or weak Zhang breeze forward.
Under unity of will is a formidable force, the ozone in yellow is compelled to return to ten, by so doing, the Wang Gao Er people in the toilet miserably.
Wang Gao is somehow a chain body to expect a superior, can get into foetus interest a period of time, but fix for only the nourish the spirit expect behind of Wang Dan didn't go, only short half pillar joss-stick time drive smoked faint.
Wang Gao's facial expression that again runs a toilet slightly shows pallor, disease's going the step of son has been no longer steady.This time he a dangerous area go straight to Chen Ming's abode, five short short, he comes right away Chen Ming outside in the room.
Raise feet to break a door but go into, what to see is to have already tidied up a clean bed drive and table chair, Wang Gao the first felling is Chen Ming to run and turn round to hurtle and the pupils coming over shout a way:"You seek everywhere together, who can find out Chen Ming most quickly, I spread his chain body expects of the Zhang method fresh breeze Zhang, think to its power you once saw there from Wang Dan as well.However, that because the list younger brother fixs for not enough just, if I to display, this recruits, then can put out to kill your 1 flock!"
Listen to he say thus terriblely, several pupil beginnings with greedy have an and then have two toward doing a spirit hall to another place seek to go, not in a short while half pupils all ran to seek Chen Ming.
Wang Gao looking at to stay at the person here, the cold voice says with smile:"Seeing to you is los don't ascend me this Zhang method, that good, I make you open today!"
The hands slowly open, blue of fog-like in shape really annoy boomingly to come out from the palm, Wang Gao faces to cover with to float loose yellow air, cold drink one- track:"Fresh breeze Zhang!"
Sees him in a twinkling accept Zhang among the waist, the foot is one Deng, and the body form turns to make a flash of lightning to rush at ozone.March forward, his double the Zhang change magically a numerous blue Zhang shadow, all over the place the sort claps toward the yellow ozone.
"Shout ……"
Such as hurricane Nue over similar, the yellow air was in a short instant clapped by Wang Gao's fresh breeze Zhang to leave to do a spirit hall, all dissipations were outside the hall.
Chapter 27 leaves[book end]
See Wang Gao power hundred percent of on recruiting fresh breeze Zhang, the pupils leaving are all surprised Be getting more foolish, so big slice of of ozone incredibly at a be clapped to do in addition to spirit hall, this is exactly up the distance of 100 meters!
Be satisfied with the face of these people very much up of
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