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ray ban aviators sale the Luo breeze side walks the side see
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TOPIC: ray ban aviators sale the Luo breeze side walks the side see

ray ban aviators sale the Luo breeze side walks the side see 11 months, 1 week ago #108009

  • zanpdnge96
Really is to know not a thing towards fixing true boundary, unexpectedly connect me unknown all incognizant."Unknown dark way, to he unknown, at fix true boundary is also the person of great reputation, fresh someone is incognizant he."However that again how, see Luo breeze brothers is also a straightforward person, should be worth becoming friends with."
"Walk, Luo breeze brothers, we take a walk everywhere, perhaps can also find out a baby."The breeze that is unknown to take Luo a son start strolling these flea markets.BE more opposite than regular shop front, fix a true to like a flea market more, because the baby isn't everyones to all understand, the regular shop front has general situation dint to prop up, the babies can recognize come out, want to buy, want a costliness naturally.And the flea market then is different, the markets will appear some babies who receive a dust, and same of product, the price is also more cheap than regular shop front.
"Luo breeze, ten meters, the stall of left hand side, there is the rock in a black on the stall, is a quite good baby before going toward, you can buy down."Break for a sky suddenly, the sword works properly of the voice stream into the brain of Luo breeze.
"Are you how can anyone know?"Luo Feng doesn't understand that unexpectedly break there is this ability in the sky.
"Useless talk, I run away in the God's way of a, this in this world has what I don't know of, is your useless talk so many why?Bought first, otherwise a short while drive compete first, you can since departure regrets."Break Ao in a sky however way.
"Mourning too much clearly is a small fart Hai, but packs similar to small adultly all day long, isn't he boring?"For break for a sky, the sword works properly of the behavior Luo dispute believe to break a sky to can't let, either disappointment, bought first for having no language, however.However buying the thing is ingenuous, especially this kind of unknown treasure thing, the Luo breeze side walks the side see, just walk to small before the stand.The thing that puts on the small stand is tenth, few, only have a piece, in addition to two fly sword, war AN is a finished product, being all original material of rest.However is well worth mentioning is those two fly sword unexpectedly one fire is with water two of medium the article work properly a machine, although being not very precious,also calculating is more difficult of, after all, working properly the machine isn't what everyones all can use.
The Luo breeze practices moral teachings or so fight Shu with each other, purple Rowling gave he a fly sword, at the right moment buy 1 again.The Luo breeze takes seven that asks the way the flying of water attribute sword, "owner, this how to sell sword?"
"Can't oneself see?"The owner didn't like spirit of white the Luo breeze is one eye.
"Boon, this morals of the world really changed, the customer was a big Ye before, and the customer is a grandson now."The Luo breeze in mind whispers, but the surface stay calm and collected and throw vision toward the price tag, "50 pieces of bests work properly a stone, this price still calculates reasonable."The Luo breeze paid 50 pieces of bests to work properly a stone very generously, change to make low grade to work properly a stone, those were 50,000 pieces of low grades to work properly a stone.If not that
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