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lancel handbags in uk the flash across of double eye is dazzling and blue light
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TOPIC: lancel handbags in uk the flash across of double eye is dazzling and blue light

lancel handbags in uk the flash across of double eye is dazzling and blue light 11 months, 1 week ago #107996

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Appear at Wu Ming after death, "how, want to escape, take a life!"Say,
lancel handbags in uk, stretch out the ghost claw in a black in black fog, the nail is sharp, take limitless Xuan spirit, offend toward Wu Ming."Ha ha, immature, pretty much of an of the strength can end you!"Wu Ming moves out of the way, the night goes raccoon dog to flick empty, see leave Wu Ming out of oneself's ten meters, low voice roar, again rush at the other party.
Wu Ming's right hand holds before the chest a gold leaf,
lv bags discount, the left hand sticks out thumb,, middle finger, index finger, toward to kill the night coming over to go raccoon dog, read method Jue,
lancel 75016, "night water of the north, if the Ya is infinite, cut to fly China indiscriminately, ghost Shu 19, the ice lotus absorbs!"A white ice vulture lotus appears and goes the top of head of the raccoon dogs on night, from the sky but fall, press in going the body of the raccoon dogging night, Wu Ming walks and goes raccoon dog till night, the left hand is in the forehead of the other party on clapping, the ray of light in a black appears in the in front, Wu Ming's left hand holds ray of light in hand, lightly on kneading, the black long grass is broken up, Wu Ming deeply absorbed an one mouthful, the flash across of double eye is dazzling and blue light,
lancel rome, "very good, look those two senior high school students, you didn't eat without paying, ha ha!"
Wu Ming takes contented of laugh wildly, slowly walk to the roof edge, looking at two white lightings of the sky downfall, his left hand soars to the skies to brandish, an ice sheet is appeared oneself's in front, hold up to fly of attack, Wu Ming sees fall after death white Hao at oneself however is as nice and secluded as that in summer, "kid, you came to night!Ha ha!"Laughed wildly to jump down building,, the body disappears in the night view.
White Hao however see the huge ice lotus of one side, hurriedly arrive at ice before the lotus, see the phantom that the underneath press, "we came to night, this was the phantom that kills those two students, and the night goes raccoon dog!"The summer is nice and secluded to silently order,, she also saw the ghost that the night goes raccoon dog work properly trace and have no now what said so much, but just appeared of mysterious person is who, take the guy of black mask so easily and then go a night raccoon dog to kill.White Hao however check a night to go the body of raccoon dog, can not believe of shake, "nice and secluded, we really wased in Dutch, night's going the ghost bead of raccoon dog was sucked away, must be that guy just,, he incredibly absorbs the ghost bead of phantom!"If the summer is nice and secluded to hear white of Hao however, the place of the lookinging at of double eye panic Wu Ming's disappearance.

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