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gucci black bag the elder Nu way
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TOPIC: gucci black bag the elder Nu way

gucci black bag the elder Nu way 11 months, 1 week ago #107991

  • qye4caawq96
The hole lord tightly stares at to take charge of Ma Lin top and bottom of a great deal of,
gucci black bag, mistily say in the mouth what, probably Xiao hole lord oneself no one can listen to clearly,, very long, the Xiao hole lord says, "no wonder that, no wonder that, be like, really is to be like too much, absolutely looked exactly alike with your dad in those early years,
sac a mains lancel, I didn't thought of, ha ha, you how of come here, to, you are the Zhang door of green city now, which your dad?Is might it not be true ……"
The elder doesn't already see a Xiao hole lord sob of facial expression, not from must annoy not to beat a , come forward Nu to drink a way, "Xing Xiao of, arrive now you still have what say so much?Na life come ……"the elder say the god of thunder in the in a flash hand bombs, a hammer hits a lord toward the Xiao hole.
" Uncle Shi!"The Xiao hole lord doesn't know because face to die of fear still because the mood is excited, the voice also becomes sharp.
The elder facial expression is one white, but the hammer in the hand is that live, the elder Nu way:"Do you still have a face to call my uncle Shi?Do you still know that I am your uncle Shi?Ha ha,, does the Xiao take charge of?"
"Uncle Shi lived life great boon in those early years, the Xiao calculated Anne during a lifetime also not dare to forget, uncle Shi if want to take away my life,, my nature also not dare wrinkly bottom eyebrows, Xiao calculate although Anne is timid,
gucci shopping, the person of not just ungrateful atrocious behavior."The Xiao hole lord clear voice says.
"Like a person who isn't an ungrateful atrocious behavior, shine on you to say so, we still wronged you not to become?"Elder the Nu Be the most anti- to smile, loudly of say.
"The Xiao calculates Anne from recognize the affair with never done to let uncle Shi down, if uncle Shi want to kill me and also want to allow me to die understand!"The Xiao hole lord seems the bureau of seeing being certain to die of today,, also no longer struggle.
"Do not let my affair down?Didn't you do?"The facial expression deadly pale of elder spirit talks all some disadvantageous Suoses,
sunglasses ray bans.
Take charge of Ma Lin originally and really don't know Xiao hole lord is what person, ever since that time take charge of Ma Wei clay-cold, take charge of Ma Lin always busy help the department Ma Wei to revenge, start doubting to is a Mu to permit Chu under of hand, at too lake's getting Mu after permitting replying of Chu still don't give up, but from the beginning start to check.
The dead that associates Qin Jia Zhai's person, take charge of Ma Lin to doubt that his/her own father is also made moves by the acquaintance, at last and unexpectedly check Xiao hole the lord is taking charge of what Ma Wei died on that day and took charge of Ma Wei to once meet, had been already heard that the father is to see the late lament, then and indeed settle down, two elders all the Du is certainly a Xiao hole under the lord of cutthroat, although 2 people didn't say reason, but 2 people are the father's confidents, emollient crest oneself is Zhang door,
gucci factory outlet, for the sake of department Ma Jia's affair spare no efforts and see 2 people again concealed difficult speech, take charge of Ma Lin also didn't cross-examine,, then come to assassinate Xiao hole a lord with 2 people.
But they finally still keep late coming to one step, Xiao hole lord with work properly the person of Jiu temple to exchange blows to defeat,
lancel in london, have already left the hole of watching from a distance the month original place, several people rush toward
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