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Liu Bo tell Li Xuan's location,, is a strange street area here and stop to get off, Li Xuan went on foot into a lane son inside, smell the foul smell flavor of a burst of sting nose, Li Xuan Wei knits the brows, lane son inside everywhere it is thus clear that of garbage long-last no one clean up.
Finally walk to lane son deep place an an one-storied house before,, Li Xuan knocked to knock on door,, didn't respond to, and then knocked to knock on door, or didn't respond to, always keep on five minutes,, door just open, however also just opened 1 to sew, in an ear that deeply sinks a ground of voice to stream into Li Xuan.
"Seek who?"
"Black ghost."
"There is no this person, you sought a wrong place." In the in a flash that will soon close in the door,
cheap oakley baseball sunglasses, Li Xuan says again:"Liu Bo introduces me to come."
"Which Liu uncle?"
"Gold house."
The door finally opened to greatly arrive to be good enough to let spacious degree that person goes in, Li Xuan also not is hesitant then walked into,
louis vuitton handbags uk, the one wolf in the dusk house book, however this isn't all Li Xuan wants to concern of affair, he looks at the shadow of human figure that conceals in the dark corner light way:"Investigate a person,, 5,,000,000."
5,000,000 prices really let once the shadow body of that person shake and come out blackness,
lancel retailers, Li Xuan mostly saw pure his appearance, the skin is dark,, ordinary-looking, once saw one eye probably next and then will forget, body not calculate Gao Da Dun, but also not calculate emaciation, can belong to generally.
"Do you want to investigate who?Doing us is this line of, have to order son pure, how otherwise die all not clearly."The black ghost acceptance lives temptation and at quiet says.
Li Xuan is from the white western dress inside took out a photograph to pass black ghost in front, the black ghost once connected once the photograph see, facial expression again is on changing, he hurriedly returned the photograph to Li Xuan and shook head a way at the same time:"This business doesn't answer."
The Li Xuan hands wreath turns head sideways to smile to ask a way before chest:"How?Be getting more afraid?If I didn't guess wrong, you once checked of the person should be many among them is Gao Guan's nobility, how I don't this list business answer?"
Sneer at several voices, black ghost taunt way:"You went crazy, does young master in the gold house dare to also check?Really don't know to die how the word write."
Li Xuan has never thought a gold to become Tai to incredibly have so power and influence in the other people's eyes, or say to is gold house in the outsider eyes.He one arrive in the lower jaw and easily asks a way:"You know this is the whose magic power the biggest in the world?"
The black ghost felt suspicious ground to shake to shake head,
Li Xuan Yi's face moderately smiles an idea:"Money."
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