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lancel 5 �� 7 saw to is no longer the first-time stem this kind of matter of
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TOPIC: lancel 5 �� 7 saw to is no longer the first-time stem this kind of matter of

lancel 5 �� 7 saw to is no longer the first-time stem this kind of matter of 11 months, 1 week ago #107286

  • aczcy85med7
 Appearance always follow stretched 34100 meters any further follow cannot stretch, suddenly, appeared a stealthy person to lie prone on turning of a street corner Cape place in the appearance, often stretched out some head to observe just outside several ten meters just close to of a single female, seeing appearance affirmation didn't want to executive officer.
At this time,
lancel 5 �� 7, the appearance also disappeared and sighed an one breath to the text and stood,, meeting a matter like this always can not ignore,
oakley sunglasses cheap, he quickly gives do-it-yourself a little in brief and easily permit, then slightly open door,
ray ban wayfarer ii, luck rise lightly achievement, the light figure floated to go out like light smoke.
Arrive at an alley in the appearance, see that single woman have already been threatenned not to dare to talk with the bayonet by that robber toward the text, also all over shiver, the whole body white-collar worker's occupation suit,, the shape is quite good,, the long long hair blocks a greater half face, and seeing not pure her is long what appearance.

Chapter 144 sees the leg of Liao Yin again

"Small Niangs hurry to take out the wealth and propertieses of body all, otherwise don't blame me Don't mention it and also have,
ray ban caravan sunglasses, you never call, and otherwise Lao Tze put blood for you."Robber the facial expression town Be quiet ground of to toward woman with the bayonet, still stretched out all alone, saw to is no longer the first-time stem this kind of matter of, rich in experience.
"Eldest brother, you never hurt me, the things on my body all give you."The long hair woman hurriedly passes own bag to the robber.
Suddenly, the robber feels the right hand that he or she takes hold of a bayonet be held tight by a powerful hand, a move can not also move, big Hai in heart, hurriedly return overdo come a to see, the detection was a man with high big shape to tightly hold tight his/her own hand.
"You, loot to also seek a men, particularly seek a woman to start, some bearing of the Yes also has no."Gao Da Dun's man makes fun of a way, the person who makes moves certainly be easily permit behind of to the text.
See oneself a safety, the long-haired female white-collar in the mind breath a sigh of relief, after listenning to toward the making fun of of text, cannot helped but one of "burst Chi" to smile,
lancel french flair,, in the mind dark way:This person is still pretty interesting.
gucci boston bags, I warn you to play the ass, my brothers is a lot of."Robber's color is fierce inside the Ren way, the in the mind is also trying to find solution to resist opportune moment.
"Your brothers is many and then calls to come over."To the inattentive way of text one face,
Take aim at the opportune moment that talks toward the text, the robber throws away hand up of wrap, the left boxing keeps inheritting his chest, can just is impossible toward text in front this kind of small abacus
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