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lancel paris bags "Have owner Qin this sentence
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TOPIC: lancel paris bags "Have owner Qin this sentence

lancel paris bags "Have owner Qin this sentence 11 months, 1 week ago #107204

  • rzyeihuyj88
"Owner Qin didn't see for a year, your shape still so good."It is ancient long breeze to make fun a way.
Listen to ancient to grow the form of address of breeze, originally this big belly man is today the leading role of the party Qin Sheng Han.
Qin Sheng Han ha ha a smile:"The president of the thou, you laugh at me,, I am fat, afraid of whole life to can't lose down, either."
"You if from now on don't drink and don't eat meat, estimating can not be used two years, can lose down."It is ancient long breeze to say with smile.
The slanting wry-mouthed of Qin Sheng Han:"Do not drink and don't eat meat, that I still live what strength, the simply direct head of bumps dead have to."
The ancient long breeze shakes:"Owner Qin, enjoy surely important, but healthy body more the importance is just right."
"Not to, my life dictionary inside, enjoy is put in the first, person, live for short several decades, definitely be good friends with to enjoy a life so much,
lancel paris bags, just have no a white birth to live once on the whole like this."The different idea of Qin Sheng Han is ancient to grow the standpoint of breeze.
Very obviously, Qin Sheng Han with ancient the value growing the life of breeze is different, the ancient long breeze puts spirit healthily in the first, while Qin Sheng Han then enjoys material to put in the first.
The ancient long breeze smiled to smile and transfered a topic:"Owner Qin, how do you think of on the liner to hold a birthday party?"
"Ha ha ……all of this are my son's proposals,, say on the liner to make party, atmosphere good."Qin Sheng Han says words, once eyes sweep, see station at ancient long breeze back of ancient Jia orchid,, eyes immediately a bright:"The Jia orchid didn't see for a year, you were more and more beautiful."
See Qin Sheng Han talk with himself or herself, the thou Jia orchid can come out to say "hello":"Uncle Qin good."
"Like, good, Jia orchid,,
red louis vuitton, is my son to usually bring up you,, he ……" Qin Sheng Han still keeps starting to promote own son.
"Uncle Qin,
lancel bags usa, now ability upper stream round?Stand outside to take a sunbathe, really terribly hot."The thou Jia orchid interrupted talking of Qin Sheng Han.
"!See my this person, patronize chat,
oakley sunglasses online, all forget to invite you the upper stream round."Qin Sheng Han saw one eye ancient long breeze after death of the public securities, eyebrows a wrinkly:"These people BE?"
", Is the public security that I bring."Is ancient long breeze to answer a way:"You also know that I asked for some troubles recently and went out to need to take some talented persons more to go ……"
"The thou president works be really caution, trust,
lancel roll'n rock bag, as long as you arrived to save city,
lancel uk london, I used a person head the guarantee nobody dare to seek your trouble."Qin Sheng Han simultaneously claps breast to promise.
"Have owner Qin this sentence, I had peace of mind."The ancient long breeze says with smile, this person's quality of Qin Sheng Han maybe not Zha of, but at save the influence of city indeed is very big, this most likely needs to return achievement
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