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valise lancel can deliver inside the big now
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TOPIC: valise lancel can deliver inside the big now

valise lancel can deliver inside the big now 11 months, 1 week ago #104661

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Go to also preparation preparation, however don't say with little orchid first, says to go out to handle affairs with me, probably would not° until 32 months come back, the thing doesn't want to take too manily, afraid the transmission accept to can not stand at that time, can not send us to return to."
Return to a palace, again 11 around see Zhao Feng,
valise lancel, what as well Bin and Zhao Feng San people,
sac adjani lancel occasion, intended oneself to return to permafrost to intend a time of, 3 people still think that Zhao Yue intends to resign and go home, then anxious not already, when Zhao Yue promises to come back this just agree.Outward release Zhao Yue to not arouse the turmoil of China empire green wolf city tour, send close soldier the brigade make a trip toward green wolf city then come back.Moreover when Zhao Yue leaves, from Zhao Feng Jian 's country,
louis vuitton outlet stores, have what important affair Zhao Feng Zhao is plentiful as well the Bin is finally signed an order by Zhao Feng to release along with handling, however since the current situation saw,, the important event generally can't take place.
After liking these affairs arrangement, Zhao Yue starts preparing travelling bag,, however he also have no what take so much of, that ID card is to must take the last, there is also that bank card, although don't know that money in the card still has,,brings back if can take some money comes out that to also use, moreover for that pistol, take also defended a body,
lv bag outlet, remembered to hold gun certificate heel ID card in putting together, also together taking,
louis vuitton factory outlet, then took things like some gold and silver jade article,etc, if the bank has no money in card, can also take and change some money comes back and uses, anyway everythings all want and prepare to be appropriate, can not wait until the Earth body have no long thing, two hands all emptily want money, there are also clothes etc., can not be dressed in long gown and drill a forest, that will be seen into monster.
These things prepare, also for a shoulder bag, although two imperial concubines prepared many things,Zhao Yue still give°ed the thing to leave and went on strike because the thing taking is too many in case of the transmission and spread to person halfway motionless,
lancel bags buy online,, that doesn't finish hasing fun, so Zhao Yue is resolute of ability little take little take, this but open not get fun of.
Also after a week, the Cang arriving at of loose true person's swagger palace, see to deliver is to start,, otherwise he also can't like this easy.
"Pay respects to a big king, it has been several days since transmission startsed, can beat to order to set out."The Cang loosens true person smiling tunnel.
"Hard true person, in addition to true person and this kings, also one person together goes, three people this can send does the ground go?"
"The big king trusts, this is deliver a design according to 10 people, three people absolutely have no problem and plused to start a big to have several days, the estimate is that the spiritual influence is ample, can deliver inside the big now
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