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ray ban pilot sunglasses "The very intentionally surprised way of leave Qin
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TOPIC: ray ban pilot sunglasses "The very intentionally surprised way of leave Qin

ray ban pilot sunglasses "The very intentionally surprised way of leave Qin 11 months, 1 week ago #98541

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Is peaceful to escape from danger, be to know that we by all means make reprisals, it am a son in the carrying on the shoulder of Tan fairy door to change to do me, can't wait helplessly for the end."
Leave Qin means it's very ashamed, this he isn't surprisingly, just have already known the final outcome of Tan fairy door, so don't worry at all, completely didn't the empress of the Tan fairy door write put in the mind.
"So, the wreath,such as jade, waits the person's emergence, should be strangely fits."Square tube the plump finger knock own chin, a pair of Mi Mi small eye inside, incredibly project wise ray of light!
In the heart of leave Qin of dulcify absolutely hard terminology speech description, immediately also sit a tube opposite at the square:"Your meaning, should this wreath,such as the person's emergences like jade,etc, be the arrangement of Tan fairy door?"
"Gorgeous evil door lord in the door is dead, the gorgeous evil door at last spreads, with the real strenght of the Tan fairy door, accept to weave a few remaining hall lords, absolutely easy to accomplish.The Tan fairy door is the deepest to our understanding, know our several people's personality characteristic, even carry what kind of different treasure, these informations don't from our body be to reveal to go out, but from with what Long Fu made contact with gorgeous evil disciple body up reveal to go out."
The tiny Han head of leave Qin, the square tube has already displayed to outrun his surface of intelligence, and see him to arrive what extent, at that moment and intentionally way:"Several square influences of alliance in, the real strenght that only has us is first the weakest, start, should also choose to start from we.So, those four hall lords appear, wanting to exterminate our this square in advance."
Square tube Hey Hey a smile:"Leave an elder brother, it is me to change to do, so as not to do like this."
"?"The very intentionally surprised way of leave Qin:"Change to do is you, do you how do?"
"Real strenght and Ba fairy door of Tan fairy door rises an evil door, Ci cloud way any a parties in the door compare, all don't gain an advantage, even if kill our few whole amountses, also at the general situation of no help.So kill us, rather make use of us!"
"Make use of us?"Leave Qin continues to pretend ignorance:"Make use of us to do what?"
"Although our real strenght is weak,is also one of alliance influences, is with each group live and die together over, so on the clear noodles and each greatly parties can even even sit, also entitle to obtain a various plan and decoration concerning attackstoning Tan fairy door.With this, we have ample exploitation value, much less, can also pass wreath,such as jade, to indirectly influence our decisions!"The square tube is obviously these dates already and calculates all theses all over many times, say flowing freely pole.
Leave Qin sets up for suddenly realize and touched touch chin:"Now that you guessed everything, why does oneself still need to send to come?"
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