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lv bag price Take a comprehensive view of fishing sun city wall on
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TOPIC: lv bag price Take a comprehensive view of fishing sun city wall on

lv bag price Take a comprehensive view of fishing sun city wall on 11 months, 1 week ago #98444

  • kvzdpcx29
Power, just my commander-in-chief is too low to govern to get so many soldiers, Ma Long certainly also knows this circumstance, therefore he appoints me total soldier to own the right that assign the troops.If the other party mostly infantry, I why not with soldier of car mutually anti-?With I 20:00 commander-in-chief to see, biggest can command 20,000 troopses currently, if taking a car the soldier is also a common soldier to grow 60,000!After assigning 40,000 troopses in the hand to the cavalry Wang Deng Ren, I left to stay ten thousand troopses.
Cavalry Wang Deng Ren after recruiting a soldier immediately outside worked well in the city wall, city gate ample defend city preparation.
"Report!In order to tread a soldier, all of enemy's soldier among them with gun Ji soldier for lord, knife shield soldier in order to assist, have already ridden another soldier!"The patrol report is over, cavalry Wang Zhuan Tou hopes toward me:"Really don't intend to offend city!Just don't know that they discover what plan the fishing sun will do after falling"
"Their affirmation will offend city, 100,000 many!Be impossibly frightenned by us to run?"
"Perhaps do they see a fall walk right away!"
Surroundings of the player say what of all have, war with not war only contact behind just know."Sing once again empty the city account" I mildly say.
The sky is big bright, blue sky ten thousand insides have no cloud, come from more east direction of approaching of troops' slowness fishing sun city is exactly the reinforcement troops of high beautiful support fishing sun city, the teacher is good Be signed to under escorting of a group of playerses east city tower in the door up'greet'reinforcement.
"The teacher is good, you not is say that the soldier faces a city bottom?What about soldier?How didn't see 1?"A member great commander in the reinforcement brigade row out of the city towards the teacher of city tower good inquire about, the teacher is good to smile to smile to say:"Does not this still make the soldier face a city bottom?"
"Put arrows!"
"Put arrows!"
Several attack order bottom on the city wall after reaching, fly a numerous black mark dynasty enemy's soldiers to press on the city wall and inside the city.
Surpass description in disorder and indiscriminately.
The fishing sun city defends originally surprising, the arrows tower stands up like a forest to resist enemy a set of!
Take a comprehensive view of fishing sun city wall on, in addition to numerous bow and arrow hands even have a great deal of arrows tower organization!More bow soldiers inside the city across a city wall outward noodles to carry on throwing to shoot!Under that city of a group of infantries in addition to shield soldier can'brave rain headway', other soldiers almost remain the dint of flounder."Withdraw!"The same time the other party will get next reached to withdraw an order, even if such 100,000 battalionses were still shot by arrows rain go to 20% above
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