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TOPIC: "We although the evil monster that exterminated all raids​era-caps-online.html "We although the evil monster that exterminated all raids 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8632

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4 people's one ratio, from Kui not equal to.They just kill a marsh huge crocodile,, wild goose south's flying has already got the half to the third dozen and died.Can't, marsh huge crocodile that defense that is hard fly in the wild goose south of'bite evil knife definitely third type-thousand silk 10000 wisp'under became bad timber, wild goose south's flying 4 people almost could kill marsh huge crocodile with frightening ease,
The combat was very quick and then ended, 32 marsh huge crocodile, drive wild goose the south flew 4 people to kill 11(up shoot to kill with the arrows on the whole of), 21 other be put out by the saint light mercenary soldier regiment to kill.
Looking at huge crocodile of marsh that huge corpse, the wild goose south flew to project the bright person's ray of light in eye...
Chapter 17 gold and silver double very reappears(midnight)
Chapter 17 gold and silver double very reappears(midnight)
The wild goose south flies to haven't come yet and collect the scales and shell of marsh huge crocodile,, another evil monster strikes.The wild goose south flies exultation, he is that the too anxious to evil monster is more many now more good,
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With one mind join force in the owner under, make an evil monster soon be exterminated.Time that hasn't waited they to have to the slightest pause for breath, another evil monster raid started.
This kind of condition had been keeping on till early dawn, the troops didn't know to exterminate as well how much wave evil monster.Anyway the owners are all all over a blood, exhausted, and the many people all got hurt.Because in dark night look after the cause in week not, there are many person's dyings,
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After the early dawn, the evil monster no longer assaults, the mercenary soldiers start collecting war booty.
In Qin Han Feng's tent, the wild goose south flies, Qin Han Feng, iron blood, inhospitality and Qiong the Si and five greatest captains is in the argument matter.
Qin Han Feng says:"We although the evil monster that exterminated all raids, can everyone's one whole nights didn't take a rest,, also don't stop combat, all very weariness from overwork.Do I see whether us take a rest to walk again for a day?"
Iron blood way:"I think that we want to take a rest temporarily still not here, here*the flavor is too big, may draw on at any time other evil monsters come, that we dangerous,
Cheap New Era Hats.We have to seek the place rest of an opposite safety,"
Everyone agrees with the standpoint of iron blood.
The way of Qiong Si:"You usually walk this road, should know where rest is more safe?"
Qin Han Feng says:"Fore the noodles not and far has a *mountain, have suitable a piece of vacant land to set up camp before the mountain,, and has if the evil monster assaults, we can resist by powerful supporter, the safety is a lot of."
Iron blood way:"We go*the mountain take a rest."
"Burst!"A arrows shot into a tent and put on the table.
"What person?"Iron blood shouts at top of voice.
They all with quickest
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