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TOPIC: " hurry herald bottom goes​era-caps-online.html " hurry herald bottom goes 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8576

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Keep rushing toward Teng two hands are diligent flounder, wait for the rescue of teammate. "Damn of Chen go to for, you running arriving where?Still don't understand definitely now the enemy's shore defends fort, you be all eaten by the fish of bottom of sea,"Looking at the other party shore to defend gunfire to recklessly flick to catch fire dint, Wang Xu is getting more hasty all of a sudden, " hurry herald bottom goes, the owner prepares to ascend 6 battle, if the boats and ships is ruined and then visits near the bank to go,, instant the organization take the offensive and build up battlefield to wait for big troops arriving!" …… Chen is although the body behind could not see concrete war situation in the edge,
wholesale authentic cheap jerseys store,the cannon voice of Long Long tells him little handsome and pleasant breeze mountain the self-defense non-commissioned officer soldier is bearing the enemy's gunfire raid.Is very anxious in his heart, although want very much to immediately hurtle a precipice crest, whole Jian the enemy of the fort non-commissioned officer soldier.But he can not do so, he has to calm down.Chen for is pass by strict the training choose of the commanding officer of wild wolf armed escort, his task is leading a 2 o the wild wolf member of team carry the shore of precipice crest to defend fort, and as far as possible decrease dead and injured.If because is anxious be caused to fail by a small margin now by the enemy of words,
new era, that even if he dies by himself 10,000 times of all useless. Chen for made to continue downward to climb upward of signal after, ask for help of the place of the cave convex gravamen of edge to slowly close to to the precipice crest. Approach a precipice crest empress.Chen is a ground of slowly.Slowly the edge exposed out from the overhanging cliff ground,
wholesale mlb hats.He listens to very clearly ground to he Peng Peng the center of earth jump a voice.In case of drive now the enemy is absolute will be exploded a head by a gun.Unusually lucky no one notices to this edge edge.While peeping out ground Chen for saw confusionly an enemy soldier battlefield, Long on the distance battlefield a group of soldiers, them a little fellow soldier has already taken off jacket.Light's wearing arm is transporting a shell.After death being a line of rows to pile up ground is like mountainous country shell. Chen defend fort ground now for the shore the cement base at the right moment can hold up an enemy soldier ground view.Ask for help of a cement base ground to cover to touch be opening gunfire a ground of enemy's soldier and warnning soldier's ground two wings smoothly.He teed off a safely signal empress.Slowly climbed out upward from the precipice bottom,
wholesale mlb hats from china.The wild wolf member of team close on the heels of he climbs ascend overhanging cliff.Then along the fort foundation in coast quietly touches enemy's ground two wings.The execution surrounds, Chen pointed to point those more than ten neighboring districts to hold a gun to be responsible for for the cent enemy warnningly non-commissioned officer soldier, use the index finger is on the neck a row.Signaling hint them to use knife solution doesn't make a noise to ring.Wild wolf the member of team order.Be divided into 2 sets respectively two or so directions to slowly close to to those soldiers.This kind of affair for wild wolf the member of team come to say light car already familiar road, flee to make a pounce upon a target for same times.The Wu lives the other party
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