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TOPIC: he tightly bites a tooth and sinks a track​w-Era-Hats.htm he tightly bites a tooth and sinks a track 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8487

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Wear a row to line up a crude bleak sign text. Degenerative angel the saint lord Sa Fu within hand the thunder is virtuous to throw to one side, walk to descend right hand to lightly slide past that row to line up a crude bleak sign to stone wall of text, formally reads a way:"Angel one clan is the aborigine of heaven, have been already existed by faraway age, in the faraway age, we drive call it as a summer the Luo Er is one clan, a peaceful kind race,,, we a clan have been owning a Sangraal of the heart of Luo Er that nameds a summer, the cup body of Sangraal is the material of the most pure world, however water in the Sangraal then world is dirty and improbity of thing, it represents world unending**with crime. We summer the Luo Er is one clan,, will have a very special clansmen to be born every 100,,000 years, he is different from us, he one birth lost a summer Luo Er one clan gifted wing, we one clan call that clansmen that it means most heavenliness without the evil existence for lifting second,, , However misery of BE, we a clan own the news of Sangraal Jing not and walk,, led thus a kind of unprecedented don't have of battle out a war, we summer Luo Er one clan for avoiding this war, hence hid the inside in the country that nameds Garden of Eden, because old grudge, we a clan once planned the war of large-scale absolute being, this is also our crime place of one clan, for prevent°froming many divine revenge in the heaven, hell, my Ma Er Si leaves here the a print of wall, thoroughly rupture the contact in Garden of Eden and the external world," The degenerative angel finishes reading and unexpectedly fell in in the double eyes radiant drop of tear, he tightly bites a tooth and sinks a track:"The clan is long,
mlb new era hats, I have already found out the person who can break open this to separate a life time wall."Big nobility

The hope of chapter 151 Garden of Eden
Big nobility 5200 After covering with dust must a year, unknown history true facts,, suddenly present at public of at present, but true make people have the felling to grow breakup, inception believe in of absolute being Zhi, originally should be highest and sacred of existence,
San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Free Shipping, but at present, a "many absolute being will soon regression, thou orchid big 6 will become lord battlefield."Of unfortunate news, easy to accomplish destroyed must a year to build up spiritual spirit groundwork is at the mankind. The Vatican pike head has been already adjusted to turn and rescinds the empress of 《thou orchid Holy Bible 》 half part, and admit that however is a saint lord Sa Fu the thunder is virtuous and everybody many absolute being the plait lead later on of false story, even frank saint lord Sa Fu the soul fiesta of thunder virtuous whole dish plan, and openly admit the Vatican some personages criminal acts, at the same time commitment reconstruction spirit one clan, and treat them as most pure have no evil clan. Believe in of the huge mountain bomb however tumble down and leave more is a helpless fan
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