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Authentic Lancel "From the coffin in drag along out
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel "From the coffin in drag along out

Authentic Lancel "From the coffin in drag along out 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8464

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, Hear is all digest way that got the type of stomach cancer disease,
Authentic Lancel, until the dormitory sets up good of time, leave elder brother An for.But he also had no a cook how long, the dormitory had no for several days after setting up well,,, he also walked, alas ……"six uncles are long long the ground sighed an one breath and started to remember these things of the pasts don't already can not help letting person's sob.
Aunt Mei says the meals that the husband once mentioned a workplace badly,
San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Shop, therefore I asked whether six uncles had this time a matter, elder brother An's waiting the person's dead will deny with of relevant.
"Differing to order is bad, but again be unlikely will eat to kill a person!"After listenning to my assumption, six uncles peep out an incredible facial expression:"That year material is still more missing,, edibling the satisfied belly has already been getting more quite good.Elder brother An their mealses were what the dining room of school was responsible fors at that time, bad is pretty bad, with pig eat have no two kinds, but I and all students are to eat this, we in the middle also have no who have an accident!"
"It is said that elder brother An dug while digging the earth a radicle, the snake came out and had this time a matter?"This sentence I just at will ask and, have never thought to unexpectedly ask a fantastic things of the past.
"This ……" six uncles deliberate a short moment,, "I remembered, is to have this time a matter, elder brother An cooked snake to eat at that time, did also asking me have to eat."
"Did you also eat?"
Six uncles seem to think some affairs of fearfulnesses, the body of crone cringed for a while:"That can have no, I originally didn't dare to eat these birds and beastses,, much less that snake or from the coffin in drag along out of, I can have no this courage,"
"From the coffin in drag along out?Is canning say a little bit more detailed,"Six uncles' words aroused my attention.
"This matter son I also hear that elder brother An says of, the then circumstance is probably so ……" six uncles tell elder brother An told his circumstance in those early years, I tidied up his words slightly, was the prospects of 30 year agos more gradual than to form in the brain??
Is gradual west inclined, sunset like blood.
Elder brother An waits 8 people to round to sit to eat to has the supper of sort such as the pig on the workplace.The meals of dining room in the school isn't only is difficult to eat, but also to they this kind of is dry heavy live man to say,, the amount of is really little to be pitiful, force to edible a half satisfied.
Originally they canned also be like a foreman and other just left of the worker goes home to enjoy a wife to personally cook for himself so, although talking wasn't up delicious,talking edibled satisfied meal at least.But for earning several more money to support family to make a living, they have to leave to continue to write freely the sweat on the body.
The after meal a little bit takes a rest a short moment, everyone again brandishes spade son to scoop out foundation."Feed,
discount new era hats, everyone come over quickly!"The small piece is urgent of the call sign draw everyone's attention and together head for the position of his place.
"Elder brother An how does?Should be an ancient tomb, don't say with foreman?"Small piece
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