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sacoche lancel finished shaving chicken hair first
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TOPIC: sacoche lancel finished shaving chicken hair first

sacoche lancel finished shaving chicken hair first 11 months, 1 week ago #77974

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Of the east turn, the west sees, the end a cake of is sat the bed of little cloud up, everyone happy chat, the drama makes and shared oneself to make to smile before together of affair,
sacoche lancel, stired publically to roar with laughter,
Especially fat bear, trembled out own scandal also:"once and far cousin Fang, took advantage o home servants all go out, 2 people secretly prepared kill a chicken roast eat, then studied how to roast, finished shaving chicken hair first, just at this time the father and servant came back, 2 people directly cover up chicken in the ash heap of cooking stove set, want be what affair also never once take place, result that drive shave the capillary chicken is from the ash heap in run about wildly."
Everyone stirs of ha ha one joy, this is really a flock of innocent kid,
sac lancel 1876.
Are old dragons for noodles age slightly old few months then is to recall~to the mind precious jade and fat bea here, but little cloud and Long Yang unexpectedly is at the same year together what month in the same day living be really strangely fits, thousand copy then minimum.
Everyone stimulated good short while and came to a teacher to take everyone to classroom, the on the stage that see teacher Qin being standing in the classroom.
There is a long long table before the set, put six big watermelons on the table,
lancel bags price, the children thought of right away,does the teacher want to invite us to eat watermelon.
The fat bear sees watermelon, mouth piece of very big, roar with laughter a way:" Well big of watermelon,
official website louis vuitton, definitely and very delicious, thank teacher,
outlet louis vuitton."
Everyone sees come over toward the fat bear, sees his eyes become bright, mouth fluently water's seeming to be all be flowing down.
But the serious way of teacher Qin:"Listen to, I speak section 1 lesson for everyone today and accept to put for a sky, soul, the watermelon is a teaching tool, be not use to eat of, everyone first and hard attends lecture."
Sees fat bear still stare at watermelon, the others all once returned absolute being to sit the position that specifies at the teacher up, hard listen to the teacher prelect,, while the big dragon toward fat could make an action for kusoing, everyone who made secretly smiled.
Teacher Qin and everyones speak:"Be used as for a sky,, soul teacher,, our whole strength all come from soul in the sky of oneself, while soul in the sky then is divided into a machine soul, monster soul and difference soul.The sky soul of sun son is a machine soul, small fat is a monster soul,,
chanel bags, but thousand shadow is difference soul.Although the self-discipline of soul in the sky soul dint that fastens for the dissimilarity is similar, the self-discipline of soul dint actually then to the self-discipline of dint of body soul, soul's each part in body is invisible, only appropriately control the dint of soul then can condense into bead, is also soul dint then bead can start our own soul in the sky of changing magically.
However the soul skill is again divided into an inborn soul skill and empress
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