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Username Password: Remember me then spoke to let to become the words that the son have a fit widely.
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TOPIC: then spoke to let to become the words that the son have a fit widely.

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Attend to, you are those pupils, afraid was difficult to escape ……"

The fourth sorcery demon again war-the seventh China rise chapter 170 again 12 gold fairy save to become for its a week will also wild goose over pull out hair
Song yellow river!
The cloudy regions sees kill too B a true person, the teacher's order had been already reached, but spread the sound to that person of oneself say, return beard to do accordingly be.
"Nine song yellow river, spread,!"
Is a to lightly scold, nine song yellow river moment then the dissipation disappear, on the spot but is showed Chan to teach a few luckily survive golds fairy and crack down on a big nine cutting of squareses to teach 9 people.
"Cloudy regions, you pour to keep a promise on the whole and put me to wait to go to battle."Widely become a son point to nod a way:"Some other day I if have already killed you of, then from stay you one life."
"Individual from have chance and opportunity, pour to have no I cut to teach of matter!"Cloudy regions finishes saying,, but is to cut to teach once 9 people signal hint, the 10 people path flies directly to return to green Long Guan to disappear!
Widely become son to see cloudy regions say to walk and then walked, it is a burst of eldest brother accident to pour, also not much think, turn head 7 gold fairies to the surplus to say:"The Er waits still and not and soon and soon returns to jade with me falsely a temple and accepts teacher's sermon!"
The half rings,, public but is to all don't act, attends to a station in one side, also not message of reply,, also not drive cloud to return to jade the temple is falsely.
"Do you want to defy my order?"Widely become son to see a form, have a fit a way, originally he at nine song yellow river in ate enough suffering, at this time but is to is also a vexation, at the right moment vent on this several Human bodies!
"Soon and soon return to with me, otherwise I started a teacher to punish Er to wait for the dollar."Widely become son to again say, public can not remain a body, don't utter a word as well,
buy new era online.
Is public slowly don't respond, widely became son to endure to can not bear, the in the mind had preparing of some bad omenses feeling:"You, you might it not be think apostasy
Just at this time,
cheap hats, but the west is since then one person to step song:
"Greatly don't at 2:00 feel gold fairy,, western wonderful method Zu bodhi.Body lotus clean set.The Mahayana wonderful Dian method door opens,, lovely Buddhist relics is far any is vulgar, the bright pearl of Ying Luo rare Hui, bright the purple Yan is in eight virtuous ponds, seven Jean wonderful tree makeup gold Tai.Only because east the soil is much handsome, before meeting the good luck knot saint foetus, the gold bow silver Ji doesn't defend to suffer from, the treasure Chu fish bowel contains another square.The Chan teaches bottom Tuo-liang just.Go into west after being nine!It was quasi- to lift to once decree by destiny a person.Is quasi- the Chan lifting two degrees to teach fairy!"
"Amitabha,, each teacher niece, this time pour is decree by destiny with my west!"The bearer is exactly that that is quasi- to lift a person.Beat to kowtow, then spoke to let to become the words that the son have a fit widely.
"Decree by destiny, have very good luck
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