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Authentic Lancel Old military surgeon
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel Old military surgeon

Authentic Lancel Old military surgeon 11 months, 2 weeks ago #55259

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The soil road in country runs about wildly,
Authentic Lancel, car empress of air raise a burst of receive of dust,
Nike NFL Jerseys.
The jeep stops under a foot of a hill of mountain, ocean and small sea are concealed jeep in the forest of foot of a hill with the tree branch.
The owners of squad all quietly sit on the ground to check own material.Liu Sheng Tian's introduction says:As long as once turned over a just about way of this hilltop main city area, Japanese isn't an idiocy, of so is previous we didn't meet what Japanese devil is because what we walked is a clandestine path, can not drive into in the lord city area, so we want to wait until to grope in the dark into lord city area in the evening.
Deliver the sun of Wen Hong's ray of light to slowly conceal at heavy Shan-li of the west, darkly on schedule since then, warm disappearance that the sunlight brings disappears, icy cold of the breathing make people all have some to shiver.
Six people wear to go in the dark night in the mountain, go like the night of the wild leopard is general.
These six people respectively BE, captain:Liu Sheng Tian.Correspondent:Small big wave, special kind soldier:Ocean and small sea cure to protect a member:Old military surgeon, cutthroat:537, and join afterwards of red chain.
Six people very quickly and then once turned over hilltop,, the red chain discovered there is the military watch tower of two Japanese on the hilltop, indeed as expected is still very tight like the defense of general Japanese that Liu Sheng Tian says.
A burst of and nipping bise once blows, the red chain was tight tight for use by the military combat the dress of, a kind of heartfelt chill still lets there is some dithers in his hands.
Six people like hunt leopard to avoid the Japanese's an in the dark night Shao Gang, if met a little amount Japan to patrol a soldier to kill he/she.537 expertly knife, kill people icy cold must be different from the person's look in the eyes.Appear a kind of strange illusion in the red chain brain,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, he feels 537 not is BE killing people but is be like the butcher in the slaughter house to begin to kill a pig general.
The red chain silently follows a troops,,, although he can be like 537 similar make the Japanese die at silent in, he has instinctive holdout towards killing people still, the after all red chain is a person who is subjected to through peaceful period to educate.
The tree copies whirling, the tree shadow of the utter darkness seems to be particularly outstanding while stabbing the ray of light of the search-light of eye.The red chain vision once rows a wall of tree shadow, sudden eye pupil a burst of constringency, a kind of deep place cold idea for spreading lets from the soul his body up all sweat pores Shu get up.
Red chain like lead long a becoming of the line puppet sort machine overdo, a whole life unforgettable prospects to him appears in his view.
Remnants hurts of parasol tree,, the bark is motley, the tree branch withering away stretches like the ghost claw sort toward the sky of unreal blackness, the leaf of treetop also fell a ground of, life of the breathing have already canned not feel.Scene like this in the both sides of the street in autumn then can through see much of, but if
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