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Username Password: Remember me the Hao Si really don't strike back of dint.But the clan of Hao Si just changed a method
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TOPIC: the Hao Si really don't strike back of dint.But the clan of Hao Si just changed a method​era-caps-online.html the Hao Si really don't strike back of dint.But the clan of Hao Si just changed a method 11 months, 3 weeks ago #5522

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Fen, by so doing tiger clan's riding a soldier could not rob a food, this time their surprise attacks was to thoroughly fail!"
The Wei tower Si starts to embrace Liu Yun, make him able to see more far some, regrettable way:"So many foods, can rescue how many persons of life, I can already hear the battle cry of Wang Cheng Li's soul,, why, is alas."
It is tough and resilient to kill on the Liu Yun childish face one silk:"You are getting wronger!Wei tower Si, war originally depended kill fill up of, if a heart sought after the good, can a matter haven't results to show!Is your sanctuary to still have the sanctuary the warrior?The guarantee with no force, do you think that the other people will believe to take you?Will worship you?Will kneel in your foot?!"
Wei tower Si although the age doesn't calculate young, still is always child temper, this is also Liu Yun to like with him together of reason.If and a person who has scheming also don't give the Liu Da Dun Guan person dead tired together.
Rush out at this time of 5,,000 rode a soldier to on the contrary have cheapness, all of food Cang insides were foods,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys,, easy Ran.Still just in the tiger clan plundering everywhere's riding a soldier haven't returned to absolute being, nearby already flaming burn, the riding of small soldier surrounds in the fire heap ability break out of not, burn into fire person the general tiger clan ride a soldier to accompany with lovely of the food far go.
"Target,!Is right ahead, the tiger clan rides a soldier and urgently shoots,, flat surface stroke!"
Take the effort that 5,000 tiger clans ride soldier Leng absolute being, the archers of Hao Si already ten thousand arrows volleys, big slice of of the tiger clan ride soldier Hao call keep on pouring, die in the Hao Si shooter's hand that they originally don't see in the eye.
"Thousand soldiers easily get, the good general is difficult to beg!"Liu Yun appreciates of took a look the general of the clan of Hao Si, the this person bottom body is strong,
Cheap Lancel Bags, the face is handsome and talented,, look also however appearance about 20 years old,
cheap custom nfl jerseys, but have intelligence like this, really rare.
If the tiger clan ride a soldier to pound at the troops of Hao Si face to face, the Hao Si really don't strike back of dint.But the clan of Hao Si just changed a method,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the tiger clan rode the soldier's advantage all gone, a brave man can not change battlefield, but a wiser can easily of pour its writing.
The tiger clan troops line up the messy brigade form is from the food Cang in withdraw of time, left just at this time 20,000 people.The tiger clan being proud rides a soldier's eyes the inside Be full to is an exasperation, they are very anxious to to tore the Hao Si clan archer into fragment at this time.
Liu Yun occupies vantage points and sees clearly, this tiger clan general sea space's pouring isn't a simpleton either.More than 20,000 persons are face to face been divided into three roads, make track for shot all the way, other two roadses want to outflank and attack shooter's troops of Hao Si from two sides.
"Target!The northwest province army camp all together has been already made and runs!"
Liu Yun has never thought this general of Hao Si to still pretty have humor thin
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