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Lancel Purse is
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TOPIC: Lancel Purse is

Lancel Purse is 11 months, 3 weeks ago #5299

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Of stare at Wang Yu San people.
"Have not you died,"The stunned scream way of Chen Hao Min,
"Hum, your whole familieses all died, we couldn't die,
Lancel Purse, either,"Wang Yu doesn't want to make them seeing out of F is carrying an achievement, can also divide attention back to scold, extremely get.
All of Zhang Wei Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's under charges dies and became few person in the Gu house and feared Wang Yu to kill him, didn't know what good words, incredibly and the Chen Hao Min, green bead knots to 1,
Lancel Outlet.
Is really a world of disorder, even follow the person's thinking disorder.
Suddenly drove to a few armoured vehicles from the downtown direction, , insect son open fire shot to kill to pass by, the soldier on the car discovered that Wang Yu waits a person, the favour reports to the superior.Is very quick, someone passes a speaking trumpet appeal:"You are remarkable talent awakenings?If BE, you have opportunity to return with us city in city,"
"BE, we are remarkable talents!""Take to ascend me, I am a breeze to fasten a remarkable talent ……""I am gold to fasten ……"
A throats of Zhang Wei Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De all shout dumb, connect to roll to take to climb of rush at an armoured vehicle,, if there is opportunity, go into the city medium city, there is opportunity living a life.They are running and making a show of own remarkable talent and be regarded as a proof.
The fatty is also excited, pull throat to shout:"We are three is also, I am a soil to fasten, the beauty of flank is a fire to fasten, my eldest brother is, is, is ……"
The fatty quickly and urgently cried, he really didn't know Wang Yu is which department, fear to divulge secret unintentionally again,, leaked Wang Yu's secret.
Wang Yu stands up from the ground, the clear voice shouts a way:"I am a special gold one who fasten remarkable talent, the energy can attach on the weapon."
Fatty and view Wus all made a show of their own remarkable talents, can get on the car, only Wang Yu didn't make a show of remarkable talent.Gao Da Dun's military officer blocked Wang Yu,, the noodles took to sneer at for several cents:"Can not the one who prove that oneself is a remarkable talent, can not go into the city medium city, this is the top lately- come down rules, I can not break rules,
sale hats, either."
Say, he suddenly hits with the butt end of rifle toward Wang Yu's chest.
"Your younger sister of!Dare to make a surprise attack?"The flash across Nu in Wang Yu Yan idea, on bursting upon chopper in hand, golden light flash across, Ding of a , the rifle of that military officer is cut into two halfs, the butt end Pa Ta is 1, fall on the ground.
Wang Yu's chopper has already stopped on the neck of military officer and intentionally adds penny dint, the knife blade mows the skin of meat of breaking the military officer, and the blood follows knife blade to downwards drip.
The cold sweat Shua of military officer in"do not,
cheap hats, don't excite …… I just take a shot you ……" came out a while.
"Release our superior!"Several well-known scholar soldiers of car, use black of the gun muzzle point at Wang Yu's head.
Once the fatty see, don't know as well which
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