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TOPIC: Both parties turned into a confrontation stage​e-nfl-jerseys.htm Both parties turned into a confrontation stage 12 months ago #5200

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Shoot arrow.Ha ha!"Finish saying he takes out bow and arrow and easily starts shooting training.
Is burning fierce loudly way:"Everyone trains to shoot Luo!Although I am to like very much...But have no way, Hey Hey!"
The persons of dragon in the sky all after spirit shooter of exclusively especially Xun, arrows method is all very quasi-, don't say a hundred shots, also ability ten win 5, 6.This bottom bitter Lai west troops, become a slice falling flop of slice.
Lin Jun loudly way:"Inhibit with the bow and arrow for me!Is quick!"
Although the shooter of the Lai west soldier isn't many, what then does cover benefit, and the quasi- head also differed a lot and plused for a sky,, Long Jun had bunker,
sale Cucci bags, Lai west the soldier suffer a los very much.
But by so doing also give for a sky, Long Jun results in many injury, this is what Qiong Si doesn't want to see, he orderanies a way:"Evil crystal cannon preparation bombs their shooter for me."
The evil crystal cannon became angry again, Lin Jun experienced the power of the evil crystal cannon, shocked matchless.Those shooters lose miserably heavy, on destrier wood orderany a shooter separate.
Both parties turned into a confrontation stage, who also what then not who,
"Great commander soldier!How to do?"
Lin Jun Zhou knit the brows, way:"The power is very big, but has weakness, didn't you see out,"
"What?What weakness?"
Military adviser's way:"Is a that time is the partition not?The good elephant evil crystal cannon fills energies to all take certain time each time,
Wholesale new era hats.The good elephant is around a minute, remember that it that I once saw in an in the book, filled energy is three minutes of!What is the row?"
"Sometimes is bad good,, hold firmly the aggression in time for me, make use of time bad, have to offend to break fierce elder brother's city in two days, we have already had no time, I give you two days.Is clear?"
"BE,!The great commander soldier slowly walks!"
"Give me the aggression,!Is quick!Mama of,!2 call how we beat!"
"General, as long as rapid go forward, leave too nearly,
Cheap NFL jerseys store, the evil crystal cannon had no way."
"Really?That issues on order at once!"
The Lai western soldier started the attack of tidewater sort, they no longer disputed dead and injured, evil crystal cannon of although the power makes people frightened,have already canned not impede Lai west the soldier go forward of step, fierce elder brother's city is presenting to public hand to hand fight, Qiong Si of evil ride dead and injured of large unit also at continuously increment.
"Everyone insists that takes 23 days, our reinforcements is!"The Qiong Si is killing an enemy and inflating for everyone,
Is burning fierce excited the Ao Ao keep call:"Kill!Kill!..."
It's right to is evil to ride the person of large unit
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