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TOPIC: occupy to hand over to China Tuo the full power processing

http://wholesalenfljerseyschin​ occupy to hand over to China Tuo the full power processing 11 months, 1 week ago #51021

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Of the medical skill admire very much,
See Chen Xiao would like to dedicate blood to save a person at present, also all have one silk in the heart touched.They all know the blood that wants to help these people to need how much,
"Take out."Chen Xiao lies on the bed and stretched out arm.
The China Tuo point nods and takes two experts to start sampling the blood in Chen Xiao Ti, he then every moment pays attention to Chen Xiao's body condition, once having the words of problem, that he will immediately stop down,
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Time slowly passes, can China Tuo sample of the speed still didn't become slowly.
Stand people outside the glass door silently looking at the calmness inside the house lies of Chen Xiao.Was also all silent down, some people was already bitternesses to come out,
Taking out a little amount blood isn't painful, can once sampling a great deal of blood.That kind of pain and sufferings can not bear with!
Seem the person's soul is from the body inside remove similar.
Looking at quiet Chen Xiao of the bed,
louis vuitton authentic, a lot of person with good sights also all saw a shivering of muscle of his face, occasionally the tooth tightly bites.The Xing red blood follows piping facing to slowly flow to drip under.
The number that up calculates a machine constantly becomes big ……
"Dr. Chen fainted,!"There is an expert's low voice that remind a way.
Call Chen Xiao as Dr. Chen, be good enough to display his approbation toward Chen Xiao, for Chen Xiao's respect.
The person of outside also all discovered this condition, the many people all looking at Chen Xiao very nervously, also someone have been lookinging at and chase China Tuo of the vein for Chen Xiao, discover the meaning that the other party still didn't stop.
Chen Xiao draws blood ex- have been already given an account, occupy to hand over to China Tuo the full power processing, so two experts didn't interfere.
The body of China Tuo is also some to slightly shiver, he also understands a teacher to suffer how big distress, but he understands the teacher's temper.So he hasn't been stopping bottom, must save all people for Chen Xiao.
"Dr, Chen waked up."The expert surprise ground says.
Don't is excessive long, but Chen Xiao is again faint,
louis vuitton outlet online, lose blood excessive let his head have the felling to grow a faint, the whole personal whole body have no dint.Want to move to can not move as well, connect to cut over to there is also no way in game,
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Original Chen Xiao still intends to depend on a game inside medicine to add amount of blood, can have never thought consciousness in nowadays basically and have no dint into among the game,
Wake up,
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Wake up!
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