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TOPIC: "The Er waits small generation

http://louisvuittonoutletonlin​ "The Er waits small generation 11 months, 2 weeks ago #50921

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Living what big mishap!"
He the words sound didn't fall, Xuan Yuan the Chen is green already a jump to hurtle to his nearby.
Saw ten thousand the lights are one eye, Xuan Yuan Chen the green facial expression moment become metal gray and matchless:"Is not good!He is to want to let out the print'Chi particularly of soul''airtight territory'!"
"Do not useless talk, push!"Xu Yuan Xing roars loud a way.
Xuan Yuan the Chen be also green to obviously realize the seriousness that settles a dispute feeling, which dare to have reservation again,, right away are also hands to release!But he of this pushes, but contains inborn five of, strength although unlike Xu Yuan Xing is big,, the penetrability of true dollar,, have already easily been good enough to shot Kui ten thousand lights in the strength construct but become of defence capabilities!
By this time, baby Wang also arrived.
Three huge dint push toward ten thousand lights at the same time, don't say to is a person, even if is a mountain, will be also pushed move ascend a move,,
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The body of ten thousand lights starts slowly the edge of facing tower point moving.
"Is quick!Is quick,
loui vuitton purses!Is quick!Is quick!Is quick!"The monkey sees in a side strain very, because it knows, once drive the ghost rice"read to know" the control live of ten thousand lights completed the incantation of this"solution seal", that is the whole, all a day after the fair,!
Ten thousand sweat on the light foreheads are more and more airtight, the facial expression also gradually becomes painful,
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The bodies that see him all have already arrived the edge of tower point, will be pushed to fall in to go from the tower point by these 3 people right away, suddenly!
"The Er waits small generation!Rest a bad my tradition big industry!"Suddenly send out the Nu of a spirit positive dignity to drink in the of ten thousand lights.
Meanwhile, the dint of a huge anti- earthquake spread to 3 Xu Yuan Xing s' hand up!
"Bang bang bang!"
Here go to pass importance of for an instant, 3 people unexpectedly have no to resist ground drive this huge dint to anti- earthquake go out,
genuine louis vuitton handbags, fall off to fall to take over in the tower, almost live package"blood egg" of monkey to hit tower to go.
On the body of ten thousand lights, unexpectedly emit to have an even the naked eyes can know to see get of current of air,
Louis Vuitton Damier Wallets!
"Hao however sense of right!Indeed as expected is a ghost rice the old bastard who kills thousand knives!Old bastard!"The monkey sees Yai Zi desire crack, heart originally draw tight, at the moment also along with this fleeing of current of air since but sank valley bottom, " even stired up Hao however sense of rights to come out, should be a solution to seal to curse have been already completed ……finish, everything all late!Ghost rice the old bedlamite that doesn't know importance!Old bastard!"
Its words haven't finished saying and have already rung out the thunder of a burst of Long Long in the sky.
A bolt from the blue!
In the thunder that this bellows, ambiguously spread a growl that is without restraint insolent to the pole, this voice, the monkey acquaints with again however-in addition to Chi that bastard,, can also have who can smile
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